“What If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama?

Are they talking Obama, or Donald Trump?


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The Best Of Trump Maga Chumps

“He married immigrants , ” the first Maga Chump said. “What does that tell you? Does that make him racist?”

They completely over look or ignore the fact that Trump is a birther. Putting that particular issue aside , all it takes is a little research to answer that question. But these are the people who made him show his birth certificate , and when you ask them if they believe Obama is an anti white racist , they will say yes , and their ‘proof’ will be Reverend Wright , Black Lives Matter , Trayvon Martin , and the fact that he dared criticize a white cop.

And if you tell them , ‘But ninety-nine percent of the people he worked with , were white ,’ they would ignore that too.

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“Michele Bachmann: Our Prayers Fixed Saudí Arabía! Hooray!” on YouTube

The crazy religious right now fawning over the Saudis because … Trump.

Under Obama they were evil Islamists ( which they were ) , but under Trump they’re somehow reformed. Trump , with his godlike powers somehow made them better.

All praise president Trump!

Kyle Kulinsky breaks down the idiocy.

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Watch “Michelle Obama Triggers Trump To Say Amazingly Stupid Thing” on YouTube

President Trump makes a fool of himself … again. 

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