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Ingraham calls out Dems for their reaction to mass shootings, calls for ‘healing’ | Fox News

Where was the call for unity when police officers were shot and killed several years ago in Dallas, New York, and Louisiana? Was Laura Ingraham , or anyone else on Fox News – or right-wing media, for that matter – calling for both parties to come together in unity? I don’t recall any pleas for unity from conservatives when these types of events occurred when Obama was president. They were too busy playing the Obama blame game. It was always Obama’s fault, it was the fault of the Democrats, the fault of the liberals, the progressives, the liberal media, and Black Lives Matter.

Everyone and everything was to blame, but guns, and the fact that anyone in America, regardless of their mental health, can get easy access to an assault weapon.

Right-wing media was deep in their partisan bubble, repeating their laughable narrative that Obama was stoking a war on cops with “anti police sentiment” or “rhetoric,” that this alleged rhetoric was somehow partly responsible for “contributing to violence against police officers.” Glenn Beck, employed by Fox News in 2009 during the arrest of a black Harvard law professor, accused the former president of being a racist for his criticism of a white police officer in his decision to arrest Dr. Gates. That was when this long record of alleged anti- cop sentiment/rhetoric supposedly began. From that point on, the rush to blame Obama became the norm when there was a shooting during his tenure in the White House.

Of course, anyone who actually did any research into this narrative, knew it was nothing more than propaganda. All one had to do was read the transcripts of the comments and the speeches he made after each of these shooting events to realize it was a lie, a lie that was part of the right-wing agenda to smear him as unamerican. In each of these addresses, he had nothing but praise for law enforcement. But right-wing pundits frequently gave him the middle finger by pretending the opposite was true, and they were all too eager to get on Fox News and other right-wing news outlets, and make fools of themselves by repeating this bogus narrative over and over again , driving it home to their viewers, who in turn spread the bogus “Obama hates police” narrative all over social media.

“How sad that for Democrats the weekend shootings are not national tragedies to be addressed in unity, ” Ingraham said Monday. “But the final epilogue of a play they opened four years ago.

Why are we picking through the words of evil lunatics trying to connect the dots and figure it all out? Whether Inspired on the right or the left, they’re nuts. Period. What the country needs now is healing and unity.”

When police officers were shot and killed in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter march, right-wing media, Fox hosts and contributors, were not too concerned about healing and unity. When two police officers in New York were ambushed and killed by a black shooter, they were not too concerned about whether he was mentally ill or not. In both cases they were certain Obama, and Black Lives Matter were to blame, and that they both had it in for law enforcement. They were “picking through the words” of a president who they claimed had a record of “anti-police sentiment.” They were calling for the heads of Barack Obama, Bill De Blasio, and Black Lives Matter. Rudy Giuliani was touring the right-wing echo chamber repeating his embarrassing, and completely bogus “Obama hates cops” narrative, for which all the fact-checkers ripped him a new pie hole.

We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president that everyone should hate the police, ” he said on Fox News.

Conservatives were not pleading for unity after these events. Nor did they care about facts. Their only concern was to politicize and assign blame, and the Barack Obama was always the chief source of that blame.

Lisa Boothe of the Washington Examiner tweeted:

“Sick to my stomach to see news of the Dallas police shooting. I wish @POTUS would seek to unite the country rather than further divide it.”

Is Lisa Boothe sick to her stomach too see that Trump is dividing the country with his anti-immigrant rhetoric? No, she’s not. Like most conservatives, she has no principles when it comes to truth and honesty, and is more than willing to place the blame at the feet of Obama and Democrats when someone is killed, but daddy Trump is not to be criticized.

John Nolte of Breitbart News tweeted:

“Racist terrorists in #Black Lives Matter know that Obama is winking at them.”

“Obama condemning what he inspired and stoked!”

David Horowitz:

Time to hold Obama accountable. This Baton Rouge blood is on his hands for inviting racist cop haters to the WH.

Joe Walsh ( former congressman ):

Cops are being killed in America because of the ugly lie by Obama and BLM that cops are racist and gunning down black men. That’s a lie!”

“This is now war! Watch out Obama! Watch out BLM punks! Real America Is coming after you!”

At no time did Obama ever incite violence against these police officers, nor did he ever call them racist. Ironically, it was Joe Walsh and other conservatives on social media who were inciting violence against a sitting president.

Congressman Steve King:

Dallas police shooting has roots in anti-white/cop events illuminated by Obama. Officer Crowley. There were others.”

After Obama came out with his statement criticizing a Cambridge, Mass police officer for arresting a black Harvard law professor on his own property, racists like Steve King lost their minds, and accused him of being prejudiced against white people, for which he was forced to hold a ridiculous “beer summit” to try and appease the snowflakes.

Keith Ablow, Former Fox News contributor and disgraced psychiatrist, on Fox News, accusing Obama of stoking racism, as he’s on a network where many of its commentators routinely stoke racial discord:

“Who takes a phone call from a president? Instead of saying, ‘I’m sorry, aren’t you the guy that started this? This is the president that inflamed racial discord in this country and put a target on the backs of American police officers.”

These comments highlight the willingness of conservatives to lie to advance the agenda of a party that portrayed a president as anything but unifying in times of tragedy.

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It’s Obummer’s Fault

162534854_stupid-republicans-bumper-stickers-stupid-republicans-  The Right Wing Hate Machine , aka the Conservative media , is a joke. Ever since Barack Obama became president ,  they’ve accused  and blamed him for everything under the sun. They’ve been accusing and blaming him since 2007 , ever since they discovered – by way of that great American , liberal-hating patriot , Turd Nugent – that he was really an evil communist , America-hating fraud who weaseled his way into the White House ,  but was really  a foreigner who was unqualified to be president , because they know that he was really born in Kenya , not Hawaii , and faked his birth certificate.

They’ve accused him of blaming George Bush for all of his failures. Which is comical ,  since they’ve  blamed him for  George Bush’s most recent failures :

The Iraq War. The one that promised weapons of mass destruction , but wound up destabilizing the country , that led to the collapse of the Ba’athist government of Saddam Hussein , which led to the election of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki , whose policies alienated the Sunni population , which led to the rise of ISIS , thereby making Iraq and America less safe. The war killed thousands of American soldiers , and many thousands more Iraqi civilians. If the Bush administration had kept its nose out of Iraq , there would be no Islamic State.

The Rise Of ISIS, the most brutal Islamic terrorist organization , which was a result of the war that destabilized Iraq. Republicans have been laying the blame for ISIS on the Obama administration for pulling the remaining troops out , which they argue led to ISIS.  The Status Of Forces Agreement that was signed by George Bush , that stated that American forces must be completely out of Iraq by the end of December , 2011. But this makes no difference to the fools who swallow the Obama hating Kool-Aid  that Fox News , The Blaze , and  hate talk radio feeds them. It’s easier to blame the current president than put the blame where it really belongs , the Bush administration.

Hurricane Katrina.  
Everyone knows that Obama should have prevented Katrina from making landfall , and killing over a thousand people. Just another example of how incompetent and bad this president has been.

The 2008 Financial Crisis.
Another thing that was obviously Obama’s fault. It’s a known fact that he helped minorities to ruin the economy during the Bush years with that Community Reinvestment Act thing , which allowed minority loans to run amok , which led directly to  the  housing bubble bursting like a firecracker. But to be honest , the CRA was signed under Jimmy Carter , so he’s equally to blame. Wall Street had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was all Obama and Carter’s fault.

He is also at fault for the following :

The Paris And Brussels Attacks. It’s also Obama’s fault ISIS attacked Paris , and Brussels. On the Blaze , Glen Beck was at his trusted chalkboard teaching his tin foil hat wearing viewers that Obama was responsible for the attack on Paris because he was running guns out of Benghazi into Syria , which created ISIS.

Over at Fox News , during an interview with White House press secretary Josh Earnest , Elizabeth Hasselbeck – who got kicked off The View for being a wing nut – went ballistic because the president called the attack a “setback” in the war on ISIS. Hasselbeck thought it was a cavalier thing to say. Even Fox News fans on Facebook got into the blame Obama game , accusing him of sympathizing with and enabling his Islamic homies because – what else  – he’s a Muslim.

Rudy Guiliani was miffed that Obama was at a baseball game with his communist comrade , Raul Castro , instead of being where he should have been – in Brussels preventing the attacks , not taking excessive vacations and  playing countless rounds of golf like he always does when the world is in chaos.


The typical Fox News viewer. “Obummer’s orchestratin’ Ebola to declare martial law , take are guns away and bury us all in a billion coffins they got stored in Georgia. Morgan Brittany said so.”

The S0-called Ebola Crisis. Which wasn’t a crisis. There were four confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States. Two nurses , Nina Pham , and Amber Joy Vinson. A third , Thomas Duncan , a Liberian visiting his family in Dallas. Both Pham , and Vinson contracted the disease while caring for Duncan. Duncan succumbed to the infection October 8th. The two nurses recovered. The fourth was physician Craig Spencer who had been in West Africa treating Ebola patients. He developed symptoms upon returning to the States. He also recovered.

The Conservative media fear mongered the non-crises like it was the end of the world. Morgan Brittany , Conservative whack job , and former eighties actress , in an article for World Nut Daily , accused the president of deliberately orchestrating the Ebola crisis to impose martial law , and grab guns.  In the article she recounted a story about a Los Angeles dinner party she attended where the conversation veered into conspiracy theory territory , and how the Obama administration was stock piling ammunition , and had purchased 1 billion dollars worth of coffins to bury gun loving patriots in after they had grown tired of housing them in Fema camps.

She also claimed , “a government supplier of emergency products” , notified the Disaster Assistance Response Team in advance of an Ebola outbreak , linking to the website Global Research , but failing to notify her readers that Global Research is also a conspiracy peddling site.  Politifact promptly debunked the claim.

She ended the article with ,”My fear is that this has all been orchestrated from the very beginning. Who knows? maybe this administration needs this to happen so martial law can be declared , guns can be seized and the populace can be controlled. When that happens … game over.”

Did she feel like a fool or apologize when none of this happened? No. Because in the Conservative media there is no accountability. The only thing that matters to them is that Obama is a narcissist , and wants to make himself King and Emperor of America. They’re desperately hoping all of this will happen , so they can carry on an armed rebellion against the government ,  believing they can be successful. Pathetic when you think about it.

The Ferguson Riots , The  Baltimore Protests , And The Murders Of Wenjian Liu , And Raphael Ramos. Since the deaths of Michael Brown , and Freddie Gray , the Right Wing Hate media , has shamelessly race baited the president , claiming he was one of several instigators of the civil unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore. On Fox News , Rudy “Obama doesn’t love America like you and I do” Giuliani falsely claimed that the president told everyone to hate the police. Of course , he was full of shit. Everyone who knew what the president said and didn’t say , knew Guiliani was full of shit , but the truth means nothing to clowns like Giuliani. The only thing that matters to them is smearing their opposition , which is exactly what the Right Wing Hate Media has done since Barack Obama became president.

To the Right Wing hate Machine , everything will always be Obama’s fault.