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Stupid Conservative Memes #48 How To Speak Stupid , Part 1

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… when Conservatives don’t get their way.

Liberal hating Conservatives live in an alternate reality with alternate facts , and they have their own alternate language with an alternate definition. And those alternate facts are that all liberals are evil , America hating authoritarians who want to destroy free speech. To an extent , this is true. There is a fringe minority of liberals who want to shut out Conservative speech and ideas , just as there is a fringe minority of Conservatives who are just as authoritarian and want to shut down debate. This is evident whenever liberals bring up racial profiling , or police abuse against unarmed people of color , they get accused of playing the race card , of race baiting. They’ve constructed this bullshit argument that you can’t disagree with a liberal , or Obama without being called a racist. It’s an accusation that’s designed to shut down their opponents , while pretending they are the real victims of racism at the hands of liberals.

Liberals , for the most part , will admit when they are wrong. That’s the difference between liberals and Conservatives. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh , John Hawkins , and Mark Levin , are convinced beyond any doubt that their ‘team’ is always right , can do no wrong , and that they are the only ones who are capable of loving their country. Which is bullshit.           

Here are twenty terms that Conservatives have constructed their own reality around.

 1) OBAMA CARE : Socialism. Government take over of health care. Socialized medicine. Worse than slavery , the holocaust , 9/11. Contains death panels. Reparations for slavery. The largest tax increase in American history. Total enslavement. 

2) TAXES :   Evil. Government greed. Taxing the lower class … capitalism. Taxing the wealthy … socialism.

3) LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE : Communist/Marxist/socialist. Nazi. Un-American. Anti-American.  

4TERRORIST. Muslim. “Not all Muslims are terrorists , but all terrorists are Muslims.”  All Muslims are guilty by default. 

5) WHITE TERRORIST/SHOOTER : Mentally ill lone wolf. Don’t blame the white guy. Conservative wind bag Mark Levin swore up and down on his radio show , that the confederate flag had no connection to Dylann Roof’s shooting spree. That the liberal media was just making it all up.

6) CORRUPT COPS WHO SHOOT OR MURDER UN-AMRMED CIVILIANS : Victims smeared by a liberal media. Heroes.


8) BARACK OBAMA : Communist/Marxist/socialist ( because the N word is no longer appropriate ). Hates America. 

9) THE SOCIAL SAFETY NETS , i.e. , WELFARE , FOOD STAMPS , etc. : Socialism.




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Stupid Conservative Memes #43 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Liberal Logic 101 , proudly displaying their stupidity and racism.

No , liberals were not outraged that black people did not riot in the wake of the Charleston shooting. They were outraged that a white supremacist by the name of Dylann Roof murdered nine people. They were outraged that the Conservative media shamelessly defended a flag that represents centuries of slavery , Jim Crow , and racism. They were outraged that the media bent over backward to deny that it had anything to do with race. They were outraged that every time an unarmed black individual is wrongfully killed by law enforcement , they are condemned by the media as thugs , criminals who got what they deserved. They were outraged that every time there is a shooting by a Muslim American , all Muslims are assumed terrorists. They were outraged that every time there is a shooting by a white supremacist , they are classified as lone wolves. They were outraged that the media portrayed the event as if the motive were a hate crime against Christians , instead of what it was really about : Racism.  

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Stupid Conservative Memes #30 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Liberal Logic 101 , proudly displaying their stupidity , hypocrisy , and racism.


Why is it that liberals can see the irony and hypocrisy in these memes , but the idiots who produce them are completely lost on it? This one claims that Conservatives view black people positively and respectfully , which is , of course , bullshit. Liberals and progressives for the most part have not portrayed black people as loud mouths and do-nothings. But this is exactly how the idiots at Liberal Logic 101 and their equally stupid readers view them. Right wing media has always portrayed black politicians positively when they’re Republicans , even going so far as defending their bigotry. But when they’re  Democrats , and liberals , they’re maligned as racists , Muslims , communists , and Nazis. For eight years they attacked Obama as a token “do-nothing” who did nothing but take endless vacations and play endless rounds of golf. But , of course , it’s liberals and Democrats who are racists. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #11 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The message here they’re trying to sell is obvious : white kid walks into an all black church in South Carolina and murders nine people. “Don’t blame racism , racism had nothing to do with it. He was a lunatic , a mentally disturbed ‘lone wolf ‘, don’t blame it on white supremacy” , even though on his website The Last Rhodesian there were photos of him with racist symbols and his manifesto in which he wrote about how much he hated black people. “But don’t blame it on racism crazy insane racist liberals.”

Actually liberals don’t blame all white people for the actions of a shooter like Dylann Roof. But anti-liberal Conservatives do. If the shooter is a black person or a Muslim , his behavior is typical of the entire race. “Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s terrorist‘. They immediately blame everyone , including liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the so-called liberal media. 

This meme doesn’t expose liberals. It exposes the intellectual laziness of Liberal Logic 101. 


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Politically Correct Terms Conservatives Love … Part 2


 Conservatives are helpless victims , forever bullied by liberals and progressives who want to shut down their free speech … or so they want you to believe. The truth is , Conservatives oppose political correctness because they want to treat anyone they don’t like as badly as they can without consequence. In other words , they would rather be assholes.

The following are ten more politically correct terms used by Conservatives to portray themselves as victims while smearing their opponents.

  1. Obama/liberal/progressive/government hating radical = “Patriot.” Recently Conservatives all over America demonstrated what fragile pussies hypocrites they really are when a football player by the name of Colin Kaepernick made the choice not to stand during the National Anthem , because he wanted to call attention to the fact that racism and police brutality against minorities is still a very real problem. Why he was refusing to stand , was completely ignored. Instead attention was focused on the  absurd notion that he hates America , and was being disrespectful to military personnel. The irony or hypocrisy in this situation is that Conservatives see no problem with  slandering liberals , Democrats , or the current president as un-American , and accusing them of treasonous or subversive behavior. The president is the commander-in-chief. When anyone disrespects him , they’re disrespecting all military personnel , including those who fought for their freedom to be assholes. But because it’s Obama , that rule doesn’t apply with Conservatives.
    There was a time when the word patriot meant something. It meant addressing grievances in a peaceful manner , through marching in the streets , writing those who are supposed to represent us. But today , in the age of Obama , Conservatives have twisted it’s meaning. It’s no longer about protesting peacefully. It’s about hating and slandering the current president and Democrats as being sympathetic to communism , to terrorists ; treating armed insurgents as true patriots , and those who do protest peacefully , as un-American. 
  2.  “Terrorist” = Person of color , whether they are Islamic radicals , or members of Black Lives Matter who protest peacefully. Recently Tomi Lahren of The Blaze Network embarrassed herself when she tweeted a comparison of Black Lives matter to the KKK. Apparently they’ve been roaming the country lynching white people because they want to overthrow white dominance. Systemic racism has nothing to do with it , nor does the fact that there just might be a real problem with racism in law enforcement. Black people  want to riot because it’s just how they are. Again , the irony here is that people like Lahren and those who listen to her , refuse to believe that Christians can be radicalized by their religion. But there have been plenty of cases where Conservative Christians have committed acts of terror in the name of not only God but anti-government rhetoric.
  3. “Cop hater” = Anyone who criticizes a police officer’s criminal behavior ( as if they can do no wrong ) , such as the shootings or murders of black individuals ,  like Michael Brown , Freddie Gray , and Eric Garner , or daring to suggest that cops should wear body cameras.  Ironically , Obama was accused of hating cops after the Dallas police shootings for making sane , rational statements condemning the killings. In the Conservative bubble where fiction is often regarded as fact , Obama hates law enforcement because … something. 
  4. “Lone Wolf” = a term Conservatives and the media use to describe anti-government , or white supremacist shooters.  Last year Dylan Roof walked into a black church in Charleston , SC , and murdered nine people. Roof . a known racist , confessed that he did it because he hoped it would start a race war. But the main stream Conservative media attempted to make it appear as if race had nothing to do with it. The message : when a shooter is a radical Muslim , all Muslims are accountable and are terrorists by default. But  a white Conservative shooter who has been radicalized by anti-government or anti-black hatred ,  that person is not considered a terrorist but a “lone wolf” with mental issues.
  5. “Traitor” =  A favorite word Conservatives love to throw at liberals , especially those who support the current president. Obama himself has been accused of treason for his executive orders ( which Conservatives have absurdly described as lawless behavior , comparing him to a dictator ; they didn’t seem to mind Bush’s lawless behavior ) ; same-sex marriage ; Benghazi ( a non scandal ) ; the Iran Deal ( which Conservatives have falsely claimed would allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon ) ; aiding ISIS ( also absurd since the U.S. is currently at war with them ) ; executive action on amnesty for illegal immigrants ( which was blocked by Republicans and the Supreme Court ) ; weakening the military ( another absurd claim ) ; legal abortion ; the non Ebola crises ; Fast And Furious ( another non scandal ) ; the imaginary war on Christianity ( it doesn’t matter that he’s a Christian , he still hates them  ) ; the imaginary war on Christmas ; gun control ( even though he hasn’t grabbed a single gun ) ;  and perhaps the most absurd claim of all , his hatred of America.  You name it , the Republican Party and their rabid supporters have had a hard on for impeachment for eight years.  Are any of these impeachable offenses? Well , they are to those who hate Obama with a passion  and are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.
  6. Race- baiter” = Anyone black or white ( preferably black ) who attempts to talk about racial discrimination against minorities. This was evident during the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and protests as the Conservative and much of mainstream media bent over backward to defend police brutality and blame the black community for the bad behavior of certain cops , and accusing Obama , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , and the so-called liberal media of inciting  racial tension as a means of attempting to start a race war. Anger over the killings of Michael Brown , Freddie Gray , Eric Garner , and the failure of the justice system to convict the officers involved in their deaths , and charge them at least with involuntary manslaughter , apparently didn’t play a role in these situations. Black people are just animals and look for any excuse to riot. 
  7. “Bigot” = Another  word Conservatives love to use to accuse liberals or anyone who opposes anti-gay bigotry. It’s also used to besmirch and demean the reputation of non believers. Some Christians view all atheists as bigots , and believe they want to suppress their religious freedom. But most atheists are not bigoted because they do not seek to stifle , ban , or outlaw religious freedom. Many Conservative Christians however do wish and have supported the efforts of Republican politicians to discriminate against gay citizens under the guise of “religious freedom”, and are by definition ,  bigots. 
  8. “Militant atheists” = See bigot.
  9. “Militant homosexual” = A gay activist who advocates for the advancement and ethical treatment of other gay individuals. 
  10. “Racist” = A black person , liberal , or anyone who complains about the unethical treatment of minorities. Because anti-black racism no longer exists in the age of Obama. See also race-baiter.    
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Tomi Lahren : White Privilege Barbie

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“You black people have it so easy. Stop talking about racism. I don’t want to hear it.”

  Meet Tomi Lahren. She’s the new White Privilege Barbie. She’s currently employed by The Blaze network , where Truth Definitely Does Not Live.

Recently Tomi tweeted something stupid and insulting about the Black Lives Matter movement , calling them the New KKK , and that their goal was not equality. Intelligent people with common sense , called her out , while those who have no sense , common or otherwise , agreed with her , and praised her as if she made any sense at all.

In Tomi’s world , the world inhabited by many like her , racism no longer exists in America , because a black man currently resides in the White House. The only racism that Tomi sees is reverse racism. In this case , Black Lives Matter , and black people in general who complain about other black people getting shot or killed by law enforcement for no good reason.  People like Michael Brown , who was shot with his hands in the air , or Eric Garner who was choked to death for selling cigarettes , Freddy Gray who’s spine was severed , and Tamir Rice who was shot for playing with a toy gun.

She either doesn’t see , or chooses to ignore the racism that many in the black community face every day. The individual and institutional racism prevalent in law enforcement , the criminal justice system , housing , employment , and education. When black actors , athletes , and politicians claim that this is an issue in their community , people like Tomi accuse them of race-baiting.

The only racism Tomi sees is against white people who have , since the first election of a black president , somehow become the new victims of racism.

What a sad world Tomi lives in , a world inside her own head , where Black Lives Matter is like the New KKK , and are a terrorist hate group because they want law enforcement to be held accountable.

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Why Conservative Republicans Really Hate Obama

What is it about Barack Obama that drives Conservatives out of their minds with fear , paranoia , and hatred?

Is it that he’s a socialist? thanks-obama
Conservatives have often claimed that Obama is a socialist , but there is no evidence to suggest that he is. Some of their biggest complaints are Obama Care , which they claim are socialized health care ; the auto bail out , which was a loan ,  and gun control , which they claim that Obama is using as an excuse to literally steal their guns.

Obama Care is not socialism.
The auto bailout is not socialism.
Gun control is not socialism , nor have any guns been stolen by Obama The Gun Grabber.

Is it that he is a communist/Nazi tyrant? 

untitled (167)
To Republicans , Obama is worse than Hitler , because Obama Care is like slavery , and no other American president ever issued executive actions like the black guy in the White House.

Over the years , Obama haters have had a laughable habit of comparing the president to Hitler , because of Obama Care – which is worse than slavery , according to Ben Carson – and executive action , which proves he’s destroying the constitution. Conservatives have also referred to Obama as a communist , with obvious radical ties to Bill Ayers , Saul Alinsky , and Frank Marshall Davis.
Ever since Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of ‘paling around with terrorists’ , Republicans have had this image in their minds of the president as an eight year old running around with Ayers and his radical followers in the Weather Underground , planting explosives.
Again , no one has been able to prove he was ever connected to the Weather Underground. According to Fact , he barely knew Bill Ayers. But Conservatives are convinced that he is a America hating , radical terrorist. Just as they believe that he is a tyrannical dictator because of executive orders , which they claim , ‘are an unprecedented power grab.’ If that were true , wouldn’t that make every prior president a dictator?

 Is it that he’s gay?  

One of many World Nut Daily’s resident slime balls.

In 2008 , an obvious fraud named Larry Sinclair claimed that he had a drug filled , homosexual affair with the president years before he ran for the Senate , as an attempt to smear him , and destroy his campaign. But , of course , nothing was ever proven , and Sinclair himself never provided a single shred of evidence to back up his claims.
Conservative bloggers jumped on the ‘smear Obama’ band wagon , as well , publishing numerous made up articles. One such blog , World Nut Daily , which has a well-known reputation for publishing articles accusing black people and the president of racial division , and absurd conspiracy theories about Barack Obama ,  had a field day with the Sinclair non story , providing their brain-dead subscribers ( they also believe Michelle Obama is either gay , a transvestite , or a transgender ) with tons of mindless drivel.

 betty-bowers-religious-freedomIs it that he hates Christians and sides with Muslims?
For years Conservatives have crafted all manner of nonsense about the president. One of these is that he’s really a Muslim , who attended a radical Islamic school. In 2007 , as an obvious attempt to smear him , a chain email circulated on the internet , that the president attended a radical Islamic school for terrorists. Politifact rated the claim as pants on fire , and Fact also found it to be false  .
Conservatives have also run wild with the absurd claim he is anti-Christian.  Whether it’s their fake war on Christmas nonsense ,  the false narratives that the Obama’s have banned military and federal officials from using or saying Merry Christmas , the banning of Christmas cards or trees at the White House or Veterans administration buildings , Fact , Politifact , and Snopes have all found these claims to be false.
No matter how many times the lies and myths are debunked , the Conservative media continues to push this nonsense , and their gullible minions continue to swallow the Kool-aid.

Aviary Photo_131025581345373431
Poor Whitey … the only race in America that suffers true racial discrimination under Americas first racist president.

Is it that he’s a racist?
Conservative Republicans claim that liberals , and Democrats are the real racists , along with Barack Obama who has single-handedly racially divided America. These claims are laughable , since there isn’t a shred of evidence that supports this. There is , however , a ton of evidence to prove that Republicans have been acting like racists. Since before president Obama entered the White House , Republican politicians and Conservative media have continuously played the race card to smear the president as a foreigner , a socialist , a communist , a Nazi , and a Muslim terrorist sympathizer.

Long before he entered the White House , the birther movement was under way , fueled by the race baiting lunacy of people like Orly Taitz , Jerome Corsi , Joseph Farah and many others. He’s been referred to as the food stamp president. When he made his infamous remarks regarding Trayvon Martin , a young black kid wearing a hoodie , who was stalked and murdered by George Zimmerman because he ‘looked like a thug’ , Republican heads exploded with righteous indignation , and the conservative media , and its minions and trolls on the internet , labeled the president , The Race Baiter In Chief.

Aviary Photo_131025661271157847
How Obama hating racists see black Americans.

To this day , Obama haters have continued to deny that racism has anything to do with their fear and paranoia of Americas first black president , so I’ve listed the following sources as a  reminder of just how absurd these claims are.
Republicans aren’t racist? Yeah , right.
I don’t hate Obama … I just hate his policies. Which ones?
He’s not really American.  “He’s a communist out to destroy America … Obama Care proves it.”
Obama is the real racist?  How so?
Is Obama a psychopath? Gina Bin Loudon is definitely a psychopath.
Race baiters who point fingers. Which is what racists do so well , by blaming others for their racism , and accusing others of racism for pointing out that racism is a problem.
Racists don’t like being called out for their racism. “Stop playing the race card …” “You can’t criticize Obama without being called a racist …”
Rightbloggers prove how racist they are. “Obama is the Racist In Chief …” “He hates white people …”
Smearing the president. “He’s a Muslim …” He’s gay …” “He’s a communist …” “A Nazi/communist tyrant … worse than Hitler … “Obama Care is worse than slavery …”
Racists lose their minds over Obama re-election. “Racism against blacks no longer exists in America. White people are the real victims of racism …”
A racist explains why Michelle Obama is a bitch. “I’m not racist … but … “
He’s a white culture hating racist … Even though he’s half white , he hates white people? Wouldn’t he be hating himself as well?
The Tea Party has absolutely nothing to do with racism … it’s a liberal conspiracy. I’m not convinced.
The Tea Party is not racist … it’s a liberal lie. Still not convinced.
“Obama incites racism , and violence.” Louie Gohmert Pyle is a babbling lunatic.

For eight years plus , Obama’s haters and critics have claimed that they are judging the president based on the content of his character , rather than the color of his skin and his name. But the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

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I’m Not Racist … I Just Don’t Like Obummer’s Policies

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Tea Party republicans proudly displaying the race card since 2009.

It’s no secret that some people hate Barack Obama with a passion.

They hate him because he’s a socialist.

They hate him because he’s a communist.

They hate him because he’s a Nazi dictator who rules like a tyrant with his magic pen and executive action.

They hate him because he hates America , and proves it by “shredding” the constitution.

They hate him because he’s a foreigner.

They hate him because he’s gay.

They hate him because he’s a Muslim , who sides with Muslim terrorists , and refuses to call Islamic terrorists extremists , even though he has done so many times.

They hate him because Acorn , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead – all of them obvious liberals and progressives –  helped him steal the elections so he could weasel his way into the White House – twice.  Ask any typical Tea Party  , gun loving , self-proclaimed  patriot who consider themselves experts on freedom and liberty , and they will gladly enlighten you that liberals in general – who are Barack Obama’s mindless drones – are hell-bent on destroying America , because it’s in their nature as communists.

But they don’t hate him because he’s bi-racial , and has a Muslim name. Everyone knows that’s just totally bogus.

What they won’t tell you , is that none of this is true. They live in their own fantasy world , where fact is fantasy and fantasy is reality. What they want to be real , and what actually is real , is not the same. Aviary Photo_130941885853258422

Since Obama became president , he has been falsely accused of all of the above :

  • He’s a socialist/Communist. No matter how many times an uninformed idiot person says it , doesn’t make it true. These fools watch Fox News , Glen Beck , listen to Rush Limbaugh , and believe everything they hear as if it were the gospel truth , instead of the rantings of other idiots uninformed persons. Those who casually throw these words at Obama , democrats , and liberals in general , have very little understanding of what they mean. Since the primaries of 2008 , conservatives have been screaming that he’s a socialist. They have many arguments that supposedly prove that Obama is a communist. 
    In his YouTube video , Joseph Farah ,  editor of the wacko ultra conservative news site , World Nut Daily , gives nineteen ridiculous , laughable reasons why he believes the president is a socialist/communist. They are as follows.
  • 1) He was raised a communist. This is pure nonsense. Obama haters will make up anything , no matter how ridiculous it is. The fact that he knew Frank Marshall Davis , does not make him a socialist.  2) His mother , Ann Dunham , dabbled in socialist activities. If being an anthropologist , and working in human and women’s rights is dabbling in socialist activities , God help us. 3) He read Karl Marx. Reading Karl Marx does not necessarily make anyone a communist. 4) He believes in wealth distribution. During the 2008 primaries , the Romney/Ryan campaign got a hold of an edited , fifteen second video in which Obama apparently said he believed in wealth distribution. However , as it turned out , he was actually talking about making government services more efficient through innovation and competition in the market place. But as is typical of conservative media , including bloggers who have little regard for truth or fact , they seized on the words “wealth distribution” ,  trumpeting  the headline : “Obama Believes In Wealth Distribution!” To them , this is absolute proof that he’s a socialist. For years  , Obama hating conservatives have complained that their tax dollars have been used to pay for “Obama Care” , and are outraged that poor Americans  benefit from social safety programs such as welfare and food stamps – viewing them as lazy moochers – and yet are not outraged that many of the largest , most profitable corporations ( who are the true moochers ) receive millions each year in their own welfare , through subsidies , and tax breaks , all at the expense of the American tax payer. But that doesn’t bother them. Needy Americans getting the assistance they need , does. These people are completely devoid of any compassion.  5) He was associated with Acorn , and Acorn employees were all avowed communists. Acorn – Association Of Community Organizations For Reform Now – was a community organization that helped in matters of health care , voting registration , and other social issues. When Barack Obama became president , his background with them was called into question by the conservative media. There were false accusations that he used Acorn to rig the elections in his favor , because God knows a black man with a middle eastern name can’t win an election fairly without cheating. To conservatives  , anyone who is a community organizer , is an obvious communist , including Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the hundreds of thousands of homeless , the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants , and the hundreds of thousands of the walking dead – not the TV show – that Obama raised from the dead with his  voodoo witch doctor abilities that he learned in Kenya , because they all helped him steal the elections. 6) He palled around with his mentors , Bill Ayers , and Frank Marshall Davis. Apparently , to Sarah Palin , and anyone who despises the president  , when he was about eight years old , he ran around with members of the Weather Underground , helping them plant bombs and killing people. The truth is , no one has been able to prove a close connection to Ayers ,  and whether Frank Marshall Davis was actually a communist , is debatable. 7) He associated with Jeremiah Wright. Prior to the 2008 elections , Barack Obama came under fire for his association with the pastor from Trinity Church Of Christ in Chicago. In some of his past sermons , the reverend condemned the U.S. government for its past treatment of Native Americans , Japanese Americans , black Americans , and its involvement in the Iraq war , and that we are to blame for 9/11 , because of our actions in the middle east. When the conservative media brought these statements to public awareness , racists all across America blew their tops. To conservatives who believe that everything wrong in America , and the world is the fault of liberals and progressives ( who are basically nothing more than communists ) , anyone who criticizes America’s imperialism under a republican president , are traitors. Obama was immediately branded a communist , and a racist , simply by guilt of association. The conservative reaction to this so-called controversy proves how racist white America is. 8) He promotes an open border agenda. Immigration is another area where white conservatives often display their racism. Whether it’s Mexicans , or Muslims , conservatives have been falsely claiming  that illegals are stealing their jobs , and collecting food stamps and welfare. They seem to care more about illegals taking advantage of the system , but show no concern for the wealthy taking advantage of the lower classes. The hypocrisy and the utter lack of compassion is astounding. 9) He’s radically reduced the size of the military. This is a common theme on conservative blogs where truth and fact seldom go hand in hand. The notion that he is reducing or attempting to destroy the most powerful military on the face of the Earth because he’s a socialist communist , so he can destroy it from within , is laughable. 10) He supports a progressive tax increase. In Farah’s mind , anyone who believes the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes is a communist. 11) He supports labor unions. Conservatives who support corporations and corporate welfare , have been vilifying and demonizing labor unions as un-American and those who support them as communists. Labor unions were created to protect the rights of employees from abuse and exploitation. Apparently , conservatives care more about corporations as people , than actual people. 12) He taught a class on Alinsky , not constitutional law. Barack Obama taught a class on constitutional law. Even if he did teach about Alinsky’s methods of community organizing , it does not make him a socialist. Alinsky himself was not a communist. 13) He endorsed Bernie Sanders. As far as I know , he has not endorsed Sanders for president , but he did support Sander’s amendment to overturn Citizens United. How this makes him a communist , I don’t know. 14) He was endorsed by the communists party. Whether he was endorsed by the communist party or not , again , does not make him a communist. 15) He believes in individual salvation. Obama has stated on many occasions that he is a Christian who believes in the salvation of Christ. 16) Has appointed an unprecedented number of Czars. This is one of  the most ridiculous arguments I’ve heard so far , right up there with #17. Bush had Czars , and Czars is just a word. How it proves someone is a communist , again , I fail to see the connection. 17) He’s a Manchurian candidate. I won’t even get into this one , it’s so ridiculous. 18) Believes everyone has a right to health care. Anyone who doesn’t believe that every human being has a right to health care , should seriously question their humanity. 19) Believes everyone has an inherent right to adequate housing. Again , anyone who does not believe that every human being has the right to shelter , should question their humanity. 
  • He’s a Nazi. For years now , conservatives have been complaining that the president is worse than Hitler , Pol Pot , Mussolini , and every tyrant and dictator in world history – all because of the Affordable Care Act ,  executive action , and because he supports same-sex marriage , and a woman’s right to have an abortion. Ironically , Obama hating conservatives wish to repeal the Affordable Care Act , same-sex marriage , and Roe vs Wade. And they refer to liberals as Nazis!
  • He’s a foreigner. Long before Obama became president , the birther movement was in full swing. There was a big brouhaha in the conservative media that Obama was really born in Kenya. Idiots all over America jumped on the bandwagon and to this day , many of them are still riding it.
  • He’s Gay. Between November 3 and November 8 , 1999 , then senior lecturer at Chicago  School Of Law , Barack Obama , supposedly had sex and used drugs with a nobody named Larry Sinclair. According to Sinclair , he met Obama outside a bar in Chicago , and over the next several days , engaged in sex and drugs in a limousine and in a motel room. Prior to the 2008 election , Sinclair came forward with his dubious tale as an obvious attempt to smear Obama , sparking controversy and endless fodder for the conservative media , and the countless , mindless drones  they pander to.
  • He’s a Muslim. He’s soft on terrorism , especially Muslim jihadists , because he’s obviously working for the Muslim Brotherhood , ISSIS , and every other terrorist group from the middle east. Another ridiculous claim. The only reason they believe he’s a Muslim , is because of his name , Barack Hussein Obama.

 For six years , Obama haters have accused liberals of playing the race card , as a means of deflecting any accusations of racism , while ignoring the fact that they themselves have been playing it all along.

Their hypocrisy eludes them.