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Stupid Conservative Memes #64


George Bush was given a CIA intelligence briefing that Bin Ladin would most likely soon attack the U.S.. He ignored it , and as a result , 9/11 happened. It’s amazing to me that Bush apologists like Rudy Giuliani are willing to ignore his incompetence , absolve him of any responsibility , and shamelessly claim that he kept America safe. Never mind 9/11 , the Iraq and Afghanistan wars , the numerous domestic terrorist attacks , and the multiple embassy/consulate attacks that occurred during his watch ; none of them count in their twisted logic. But Benghazi is worse than any of them because … something.          

Democrats didn’t politicize 9/11. Democrats and Republicans united , because America was attacked. Too bad Republicans and Conservatives couldn’t do the same after Benghazi. All they cared about was using it as a means of discrediting a president they hated , so they created a conspiracy around it , including the bullshit claim that he allowed it to happen.          

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Stupid Conservative Memes #58


In the minds of liberal hating Conservatives , if liberals don’t agree with their bigotry , then it’s actually liberals who are the intolerant ones. They flip reality on its head. They don’t see their intolerance to gay marriage as intolerance. Anyone who disagrees with them is intolerant , and a bigot. To them , it’s not bigotry , it really has to do with ‘religious freedom’. You can’t get married to the person you love if it happens to be another man , or another woman ,  ‘because ( insert red neck southern accent ) it’s against my religion. God said Adam and Eve , not Adam and Steve. If we allow gay people to get married , and bake wedding cakes for ’em, then it’s my religious freedom that’s being violated.

‘Those damn liberals  are so intolerant!’


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Stupid Conservative Memes #55 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

This meme is proof that many Conservatives don’t understand the Constitution , much less know what’s actually in it. Because the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ does not appear in the first amendment , they believe that the establishment clause only means that government cannot promote a state religion , or prohibit its free exercise , and that gives them free rein to impose their religion  on every aspect of American life , including public schools , and government. Like Rick Santorum , and Bryan Fisher , many of them believe it’s either a communist or a Nazi idea or invention by liberals who are , apparently , both communists and Nazis in the minds of many Conservatives. 

Despite  the absence of the words separation of church and state , they believe that the founding fathers were actually all Christians and that they really intended America to be a Christian nation. If that were the case , the Constitution would explicitly say so. They knew that a state sanctioned religion would become oppressive , which is why they intended America to be secular. God does not appear in the Constitution. Jesus does not appear. Christianity does not appear. Religion appears only once , in the establishment clause forbidding its establishment at state and national levels ( any religion ) , and guaranteeing it’s exercise by all ( again , any religion ) , because they understood that religion is a personal choice , as well as an individual right in a free society. 

Today’s average liberal understands the concept of separation of church and state , as Thomas Jefferson wrote about in his letter to the Danbury , Connecticut Baptist Association. The only ones who seem incapable of understanding it , are Conservative Christians ( like the ones who read these types of memes and believe they speak some deep truth that liberals are incapable of understanding – which would make them stupid  , not liberals ) who want to force their particular brand of religion on everyone else. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #47 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Yeah ,  them Democrats and them God damn liberals are so full of hate and intolerance. They’re determined to take away our freedoms and liberties. Just look at what they’ve done these last eight years , obstructing health care reform , attempting to restrict abortion rights , producing bogus tapes of reputable organizations like Planned Parenthood , and ACORN , destroying people’s lives , reputations and jobs , attempting to defund PP based on lies , actually succeeding in destroying ACORN  ; spreading fear and hatred for a president who was going to invade Texas , and “take away their first amendment rights”; spreading fear and intolerance of Muslims and gay people , calling down the wrath of God over same-sex marriage ; calling a president a socialist dictator over “Obama Care”; supporting and hiding behind “religious freedom” laws to justify their bigotry and intolerance , all the while whining that they are the real victims of intolerance. 

Aviary Photo_131357492871992538   Wait … isn’t that what Conservatives have been doing? But still , they are hateful and intolerant because they criticize Conservatives and disagree with them. How dare they! 

Conservative reasoning : when a Conservative criticizes anyone , it’s free speech. When a liberal criticizes a Conservative , it’s intolerance , and an attack on their right to free speech.  A perfect example of this hypocrisy was the Phil Robertson brouhaha. Robertson was not fired , but suspended , and yet his defenders bitched and moaned to no end about liberal intolerance. But when Martin Bashir made a nasty comment about Sarah Palin regarding her defense of Robertson , her supporters called for his head , and he lost his job. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #44 Liberal Logic Edition

The Center For Medical Progress , an anti-abortion group , released an edited video in 2015 that claimed to show that  Planned Parenthood was involved in criminal activities. The video , which featured Senior Director of Medical Services for PP , Deborah Nucatola , talking about reimbursement costs for shipping aborted fetal tissue donated for medical research – which is legal – quickly went viral , on social and mainstream media , and Conservatives went bonkers , accusing the liberal women’s organization of harvesting fetal body parts for profit. Because everyone knows that Planned Parenthood is an evil , racist organization , aborting millions of black babies every year because it was the wish of Margret Sanger , who was herself , a racist. 

Well , not everyone knows this to be the case. People with common sense know the facts and know that the video was edited by people who have an agenda , and that agenda is to discredit and destroy an organization that provides services for women , not just abortion , which is less than four percent of it’s services.  But a lot of people do believe the nonsense , mostly Conservatives. They’re not really interested in facts. They’re more interested in repeating talking points and spreading misinformation via social media , and they make stupid memes like this one that show case their ignorance.

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Politically Correct Terms Conservatives Love … Part 1

Tomi Lahren  , aka White Privilege Barbie , aka Trump lover , hates political correctness , flips out when someone doesn’t stand for the National Anthem.

Conservatives are perpetual victims. They often bemoan that the Left has become too politically correct , especially in the age of Obama. It’s no longer appropriate to say what’s on your mind or criticize someone without offending a bleeding heart liberal , they say. Like Clint Eastwood recently observed , today’s generation has become the pussy generation. He was talking about liberals , but he should have included Conservatives in that statement , since they too have their own political correctness , and get easily offended.

  1. “Secularism” = anti-Christian , anti-God. For eight years Conservatives have claimed that atheists , liberals and Obama have waged a war on the religious freedom of Christians. According to them , Obama hates Christians and is openly persecuting them , from his attendance in Reverend Wright’s church , where he supposedly learned to hate not only America , but Christianity through Black Liberation Theology , to his 2015 Prayer Breakfast speech where he criticized violence committed in the name of religion , including Christianity. Conservatives and Christians saw this as a personal attack and  in the alternate reality  in which they reside , he is persecuting  a majority of the population , as if they are no longer allowed to pray , and that the Supreme Court under Obama has outlawed God.
  2. Anti-gay bigotry = “religious freedom”. March 26 , 2015 , Mike Pence , then governor of Indiana , signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. As if religious freedom were ever in danger. Conservatives have used this law to justify their bigotry , going so far as to raise funds for businesses  that refuse to provide service to gay people , based on their religious beliefs , and claiming they  themselves are the real  victims , and that they are the new civil rights movement , even as they support  laws that restrict or inhibit the civil rights of others. Conservatives fail to notice the irony.
  3. Happy Holidays = “anti-Christmas.” Every year Fox News and Conservatives complain that liberals are attempting to take Christ out of Christmas by saying Happy Holidays instead of the politically correct term , Merry Christmas.
  4.  “Socialist” , “communist”  = any Democratic or Independent politician , be it Barack Obama , or Bernie Sanders who supports progress , change in a positive , progressive direction.
  5. Anti-abortion = “pro-life.” The irony here is that many pro-life Conservatives support the death penalty , and also support war and torture.
  6. “Thug” = a black person who peacefully protests racial injustice , and/or has the misfortune of being shot by police officers even while complying with the law , as in the case of Alton Sterling , Philando Castile , and Michael Brown.
  7. “Welfare queen” = Lazy black woman.
  8. “People who want Free stuff” = lazy black people who want free handouts , such as welfare , food stamps , Obama phones , etc.. See also welfare queen.
  9. Anti-gay = “pro-family.”
  10. “Liberal bias” =  anything that doesn’t support the ultra-Conservative point of view. Facts.