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Stupid Conservative Memes #8 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition



This one is not only stupid , it’s  racist. 

  1. How the media portrayed them : Conservative news media relentlessly portrayed Trayvon Martin as a violent , racist thug who deserved what he got , and George Zimmerman as a helpless victim , even though he was the one stalking Martin with a loaded gun. Ironic
  2. How Conservative media wanted us to  see them : see #1.
  3. How they were portrayed to the public. Liberal Logic’s message here is that young black men are all thugs , and the white men who murder them are the real victims.Liberal Logic … yes , they are that racist.


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Stupid Conservative Memes # 4 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition



Guess which one liberal-hating Conservatives think is typical of black people?

Hint : It’s not the dude on the left.