Gina Loudon : A New Low For Democrats – Trying To Declare The President Mentally Incompetent

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Trump shill , Gina Loudon

Here’s a story that breaks the hypocrisy meter. In a recent article in Fox Business News , Loudon wrote an article condemning Democrats that wanted to declare Trump mentally unfit to be president. The draft of a bill authored and sponsored by Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin , would create an investigative committee to determine if Trump is unfit to serve as president.  So far nothing has come of it , but this got under Loudon’s thin skin , so she took to Fox News to complain to her equally thin skinned readers how horrible and childish Democrats are because they don’t love everything daddy Trump does.

If anyone were to ask Gina Loudon the definition of hypocrisy , I doubt she would know what they were talking about. The inability of conservatives to see their own hypocrisy is often frustrating. Liberals can point it out to them , and all they will do is deny , deny , deny , and say that only liberals are hypocrites.

Gina Loudon supposedly has a Phd in psychology. She’s really a quack psychologist with a fake degree from a box of Cracker Jacks. She’s also a partisan hack and a fearless defender of the Republican party in all of it’s glorious corruption , while continuously attacking Democrats as if they are the only corrupt party ( not to say they don’t deserve it , they are corrupt ).

In addition to shilling for Trump , she has her own program called America Trends , which is so terrible it can only be found on public access on Youtoo , unarguably the shittiest channel on cable TV.

She appears frequently on Fox News to bitch and moan about how Trump’s critics are so mean to him , never admitting that she and her cronies in right wing media behaved the same way in regard to America’s first black president.

She’s a gun nut who believes gun control is a socialist plot to disarm gun owners , not an effort to lessen gun violence.

Shamelessly defended Roy Moore.

Once guest hosted for Americas most insane radio host , Micheal Savage Weener. What an apt name for a pussy who loves to insult progressives.

Believed Obama was a secret Muslim, and that all Muslims are terrorists.

Believed Obama hated Israel , even though he gave them Iron Dome.

Believed Obama was/is a racist for criticizing the police officer who arrested Harvard law proffessor , Henry  Gates. 

Believes Black Lives Matter is an anti-white terrorist group , even though they haven’t killed any white people , or bombed any buildings. 

Believes Obama care was government take over of health care – even though private health insurance companies were still intact – and that it would cause homo-erotic twerking.

She bought into the conspiracy that the Clinton’s have had all of their political opponents killed.

She’s written  many ridiculous articles for some of the sleaziest fake news sites on the internet , Town Hall , Fox News , Right Wing News , and World Nut Daily ( the sleaziest of them all ). Owned and operated by Joseph “Obama’s birth certificate is fake” Farah , WND is home to many of the internet’s most radical , paranoid , fear mongering , homophobic race baiters : Joseph Farah , Colin Flaherty ( author of White Girl Bleed A Lot ) , Chuck Norris , Franklin Graham , The Benham Brothers , Victoria Jackson , Morgan Brittany , Pat Boone , and Ted Nugent. According to Rational Wiki , their publishing standards are rock bottom. The website and it’s founder have been discredited over its obsession with the birther issue , but it’s still up and running , and the wing nuts are still happily publishing their crap. It was here in 2014 where Loudon wrote her anti-Obama rant complaining that he was mentally unfit and a dictator on the scale of Adolph Hitler because of executive orders , Benghazi , abortion , vacations , and golf.

Does Loudon not see the irony? If Obama was mentally unfit because abortion occurred under his presidency  , Benghazi , for playing golf , and taking vacations , and executive orders ( which are all ridiculous charges to begin with ) , how is Trump not mentally unfit? Abortions have also occurred under him , innocent Americans have been killed because of him , terrorist attacks have occurred under him , he has issued executive orders , and he has also vacationed and played golf. Shouldn’t she be questioning his mental stability?




Stupid Conservative Memes #50 Gina Loudon Edition

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Conservatives shake their heads at the lemming mentality? Not exactly. They too  get easily triggered and offended by politically incorrect behavior and terms , even more so than the so-called left. For instance , it’s politically correct for the fringe Right to accuse Barack Obama of  treason over his birth certificate , executive action , and Benghazi. They wanted to sue him over all three. It’s politically correct  to call him an anti-white racist for criticizing a cop. It’s politically correct to say he hates cops , and wants to start a race war. It’s politically correct to refer to black unarmed men shot by police , as thugs. It’s politically correct to refer to Muslim shooters as terrorists. But it’s politically incorrect to refer to white male shooters as terrorists. It’s politically correct to call Hillary Clinton  a”toxic cunt.” But it’s politically incorrect to criticize said comment ; it’s liberal policing of free speech. It’s politically correct to say LGBT activists are Nazis. But it’s politically incorrect to call anti-gay bigots , anti-gay bigots. It’s politically correct to say Trayvon Martin got what he deserved , and that George Zimmerman was the real victim , but it’s politically incorrect to want justice for the actual victim. It’s politically correct to defend the cop who shot Michael Brown , but it’s politically incorrect to defend Michael Brown. It’s politically correct to refer to the social safety nets , i.e. Welfare , Snap , as government slavery. It’s politically correct to call abortion black genocide. It’s politically correct to accuse anyone who talks about racial inequality , of race baiting. And it’s politically correct to compare Black Lives Matter activists to the KKK , because just like the real KKK , they are  lynching , and burning crosses on the lawns of white people.

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An example of a few trigger warnings for Obama haters.

However , it was politically incorrect when Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks spoke out against the Iraq war ; it was politically incorrect to criticize president Bush. His critics were traitors , Obama’s critics are patriots. It’s  politically incorrect for anyone to protest in a way not approved by Conservatives , i.e. , black athletes not standing for the national Anthem , as Colin Kaepernick and others did. They were also traitors. It’s politically incorrect to question Americas imperialistic behavior. It’s  politically incorrect to criticize soldiers and police officers as anything less than perfect. It’s  politically incorrect to claim the Civil War was  really about slavery instead of states rights , and that the confederate flag is about anything other than southern pride. It’s politically incorrect to say Happy Holidays , instead of the politically correct term , Merry Christmas.      

Just as Conservatives have their own political correctness , they don’t see the irony in the fact that have their own herd , or lemming mentality. They will believe and repeat anything they hear from within their own circle. Which is why die-hard Obama haters never heard a Obama conspiracy or controversy they didn’t like :  

He faked his birth certificate. He was really born in Kenya ; not Hawaii. He’s a Muslim. Supported Muslim terrorists. Attended an anti-white church for twenty years. Hates America. Hated his own military. Created ISIS. Allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi. Had several gay lovers before becoming president. Hated cops and promoted their murders by criticizing the killings of unarmed black individuals at  the hands of certain police officers. Would confiscate Americas guns. Would postpone the 2016 election so he could stay in office , because that’s what evil dictators do. Obama Care was socialism. Obama Care would promote homo-erotic twerking ( one of Loudon’s favorites ). Obama Care contained death panels. He would bring hundreds of millions of Muslims into American for the purpose of turning it into a Muslim caliphate. His parents were commies. Hated Christians. Was a socialist commie because he was a community organizer. ACORN , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the homeless , illegal immigrants and the walking dead ( real dead people ) helped him steal the 2008 and 2012 elections. Was the mastermind behind the fake Aurora , and Sandy Hook shootings , which was a sinister plot to confiscate  guns , or something. Cooked the jobs report numbers to make himself look good. Caused the 2008 recession in 1995 , because he forced banks to lend to poor black people who couldn’t pay back the loans. Ran around in his childhood planting explosives with Bill Ayers. Faked Bin Laden’s death. Created an executive order to outlaw freedom via martial law. Used hypnotism to convince people to vote for him. Was racist , because he criticized a white police officer , and by commenting on the death of Trayvon Martin. Hated Israel , and proved how much by funding Iron Dome  , and by giving them military and humanitarian aid every year ). Was planning on bringing Ebola to America as an excuse to create martial law via executive order. Dr. Gina and her cronies at World Nut Daily harped on this one incessantly for weeks in 2014. Persecuted Christians by criticizing Un Christian like behavior. Outlawed the phrase , Merry Christmas. Killed Breitbart. Killed Scalia. Was Un-American for putting ketchup on a hamburger. Took endless vacations. Played endless rounds of golf while people all around the world died. And my personal favorite , Gina Loudon’s diagnoses that Obama was a psychopath for having the audacity to take endless vacations and play endless rounds of golf while people all around the world died.

Talk about your lemming mentality! Conservatives see themselves as noble truth tellers , but liberals shake their heads and call them hypocrites , hypocrites , and hypocrites.    

Obama Is A Psychopath Because He Takes Vacations And Plays Golf

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Gina Loudon , one of many Conservative pundits who has willfully contributed to racial division with her Obama hating articles in World Nut Daily , Town Hall , Patriot Update , and numerous appearances on Fox News , Glen Beck’s The Blaze network , and Rush Limbaugh.

    According to self-proclaimed expert , Gina Loudon , Barack Obama is a psychopath because he has taken far too many vacations , and plays way too much golf. He’s also a habitual liar , and has a habit of blaming Bush and Republicans for his failures and shortcomings. Not unlike Republicans who have been blaming him for Bush’s failures and incompetence , and everything else under the sun. Have these people no concept of irony?

Loudon’s Obama psychosis 

Loudon . a Tea Party Republican , received her psychology degree from a box of Cracker Jacks online university. She suffers from her own psychosis , Obama Derangement Syndrome , a form of mental illness characterized by the onset of idiocy , intense paranoia , obsessive hatred , and fear of Barack Obama. Like any typical Republican who suffers from this illness , she knows for a fact that Obama is a communist/Nazi/Muslim tyrant , who is destroying America and the constitution with Obama Care , executive action , gun control , denying Christians the right to worship or mention God in public without fear of persecution , and forcing same-sex marriage on everyone like the true tyrannical dictator that he obviously is , because it is well-known , and well-documented that he was mentored from his birth to do so by the same old bogie men that the right loves to trot out whenever it suits their fancy , because they’re the three biggest threats to America besides Barack Obama : Bill Ayers , Saul Alinsky , and Frank Marshall Davis.

                                                          Examples of Loudon’s Obama psychosis

  • Obama Care promotes homoerotic twerking. Republicans have been  outraged over Obama Care since its inception. To them it’s one of several communist/Nazi plots to enslave Americans , which makes Obama the next Hitler , or Mussolini … whatever. For years they’ve promoted one myth after another regarding the Affordable Care Act : death panels – government bureaucracies will decide who lives or dies , as claimed by Sarah Palin on her Facebook page ;  will cause countless suicides ; the ACA is government controlled health care ; its the biggest tax increase in history , according to Rush Limbaugh ; the IRS will collect your personal information , according to Michele Bachman , etc. , etc..
    In 2014 , Republicans predictably went bonkers over a You Tube video encouraging young people to sign up for Obama Care. In her column in World Nut Daily , Gina Bin Loudon was “aghast” at a six-hour online YouTube ad featuring Baby Boomer Richard Simmons in red tights and a fro. Oh my! What is this once great nation coming to?! Obama the gay Muslim has turned ‘The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave’ , into ‘The Land Of The Enslaved Effeminates ( fairies , tinker bells ) And The Home Of The Cowards!’
    Dr. Gina Bin Loudon and her cronies , fear that one day the Obama-loving effeminates will one day soon rise up and enslave all of the brave Christians who have been persecuted by the Godless Left , and Obama , and the Gay Gestapo will imprison them in homosexual re-education camps where they will be turned into homoerotic twerking fairies.
  • Wishes Obama an unhappy Birthday. In a 2103 World Nut Daily column , Bin Loudon blamed the president for murdering 5.6 million American babies , because he accepted an award in the name of ‘that known eugenicist’ , Margret Sanger , whose real purpose was to completely destroy the black race , because she was – what else? – a racist. Of course , no one has been able to prove that she was indeed a racist. All they have is a quote they’ve taken out of context to make it look like her goal was to ‘eradicate the black race’, in Bin Loudon’s words. She seems more interested in spreading falsehoods and outright lies to her readers rather than going straight to the source , the Margret Sanger website. Conservatives have a long history of smearing anyone they oppose , in this case Planned Parenthood and it’s founder , Margret Sanger , and will do anything necessary to outlaw abortion , which is why they’ve opposed Obama choosing an appointee to the supreme court.

    Loudon has authored several books , including Ladies And Gentlemen : Why The Survival Of Our Republic Depends On The Revival Of Honor , and has co-written , What Women Really Want. Her latest book , Obama Is A Psychopath Because He Takes Vacations And Plays Golf , a best seller among the Obama hating crowd , co-written with Victoria Jackson , has just been released by World Nut Daily Books , and proves without a doubt that she is just as crazy as Jackson is. She has appeared on Fox News , The Glen Beck Show , The Rush Limbaugh radio show  , promoting her ridiculous Obama conspiracies.

    The two appeared recently on the Rachel Maddow Show for the first time , attempting to convince America that Obama has taken more vacations and played more golf than any president in the history of the United States , which , according to them , are two of the most convincing reasons that make him a dangerous  psychopath.

    Rachel : “My guests today are Dr. Gina Loudon  , and Victoria Jackson. Dr. Gina is the host of her own radio show , and has written several books. Victoria has also written some … books. Now they’ve co-written a book titled Obama Is A Psychopath Because He Takes Vacations And Plays Golf. Welcome , Dr. , Victoria. It’s a pleasure to have you both.”

    “Victoria : “Thanks for having us , Rachel.”

    “Gina : “It’s nice to be here.”

    Rachel : “Dr. , I’m confused. How does taking vacations and playing golf make one a psychopath? Please explain this to me.”


    Gina and Victoria explaining that Obama’s obsession with vacationing and golf make him a dangerous psychopath , and will kill anyone just to play a few rounds with Tiger Woods , or Jack Nicholson.

    Gina : “Well , it’s really not so difficult to understand. You have to keep in mind that it really depends on how much time you spend vacationing and playing golf. When president Obama was sworn in at his first inauguration , I believe he was day dreaming about playing golf. You could see it in his eyes. They had this glossed over look , like he was in a trance or something. He was probably thinking about playing a few rounds with Tiger Woods , or Jack Nicholson.”

    Rachel : “You mean Jack Nicklaus?”

    Gina : “Yeah , Jack Nicklaus. And ever since then he’s been day dreaming about playing golf , when he’s not day dreaming about playing golf.”

    Victoria : “Yeah , and day dreaming about taking more vacations than every other president.”

    Gina : “That’s right. It’s like he’s obsessed with both. He’s got vacationing and golf on the brain. It’s like it’s all he ever thinks about , when he’s not day dreaming about playing golf. And that’s what makes him so dangerous.”

    Rachel : “What? How does obsession with golf , and wanting to take a vacation , make him dangerous?”

    Victoria : “Geez! You really need to clean out your ears , Rachel.”

    Gina : “It’s because of his obsession with golf that makes him dangerous.”

    Victoria : “And taking too many vacations too.”

    Gina : “That’s right. And when someone is obsessed with something , they’ll do anything to get it.”

    Victoria : “Yeah , because he’s a communist , he won’t think twice about killing a few people just to take a vacation.”

    Gina : “Or play a few rounds of golf , because that’s what psychopaths do.”

    Rachel : “Are you two on drugs?”

    Gina : “Why do you say that?”

    Rachel : “Because you both sound crazy.”

    Victoria : “We may be crazy , but we’re not. Obama’s a psychopath because he takes too many vacations.”

    Gina : “And plays too much golf.”