Black Lives Matter Founder Likens Trump To Hitler: He is ‘Literally the Epitome Of Evil’

Black Lives Matter founder likens Trump to Hitler: He is ‘literally the epitome of evil’

Patrisse Cullors , a cofounder of Black Lives Matter recently compared Trump to to Adolph Hitler , calling him the epitome of evil. While Trump has done and said some shameful things in  the past year since becoming president , I don’t believe he’s the epitome of evil. He has said that we should kill the families of terrorists , has blamed Black Lives Matter for the deaths of the five Dallas police officers at the hands of a deranged shooter , has also blamed them for inciting violence against law enforcement officers , and his first Al-Quaeda raid in Yemen that killed at least nine children , one of them a three year old American girl.

If anything , Donald Trump is no different than a terrorist. Killing civilians , feeling no remorse for the innocent lives that were taken , and having the audacity to call it a successful raid , calling BLM a terrorist group , and ignoring his own terrorist behavior. Black Lives Matter hasn’t killed anyone. Donald Trump has.

The people of Yemen know he’s a terrorist. But to say he’s the epitome of evil? No , that would be Rush Limbaugh.



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Rush Limbaugh says white supremacists and the KKK ‘are not the problem,’ warns of second civil war

Rush Limbaugh says white supremacists and the KKK ‘are not the problem,’ warns of second civil war.

Aviary Photo_131481541226678957   

To say Rush Limbaugh is confused may be a bit of an exaggeration. To say he is an idiot , is not. But his listeners may be more stupid than he is  , which is why they continue to tune into him every week even after he says one stupid thing after another , and believe everything he says is the gospel truth.

Last week , after the events in Charlottesville , Virginia ,  Donald Trump claimed the Nazi protesters were “very fine people” , basically tying both the neo-Nazi protesters , and the counter protesters together in a neat little bundle , Rush made an incredibly stupid claim on his radio show.

Rush is one of those conservatives who likes to revise history to suit their narrative :  the Democratic party is the party of racism and bigotry , all conservatives are good , and can do no wrong , while all liberals , progressives , and Democrats are bad and can do nothing right.

On his radio show last week , after the events in Charlottesville Virginia , Rush made some laughably absurd statements.  “Both of these groups ( the neoNazis and the antiprotesters ) are extreme leftists ,” he said. According to a World Nut Daily article ( the cesspool of the internet ) leftists demanded that Trump specifically denounce the white nationalists , because they’re trying to tie him to these  racist groups

Someone should remind Rush that no one is trying to associate Trump to racist groups. They voted for him. They support him. They have praised many of his actions and his words. David Duke tweeted that he was proud of Trump’s statement after the events in Charlottesville. Trump himself , has a history of racial animus toward minorities and other people of color. From housing discrimination of prospective minority tenants in the nineteen sixties , embracing birtherism , his willingness to pardon sheriff Joe Arpaio , another racist birther , to his so-called not a Muslim ban , affording Christians special consideration. And now , claiming white nationalists and neo-Nazis are “nice people.” So , Rush is full of shit.

Rush continues : “This is about two hate groups that have no association with Donald Trump or the Republican party , but the media is doing everything it can to associate the Nazis and the skinheads and the white nationalists with not just Trump , but with the Republican party.”

 Once again Rush is full of shit . They ( the white nationalists ) have everything to do with Trump! These are the people who voted for him! They support him! How could Rush not know this?! Has all the Oxycontin he’s taken over the years , fried his brain? The Republican party has always been associated with racists groups. Racist groups are highly conservative. The Council Of Conservative Citizens , the KKK , and the like. The media doesn’t have to associate any of these groups to the Republican party. These groups have been associated with the Republican party for decades. 

Rush continues : “Both of these groups are extreme leftists. The Nazis are not to the right of anything and the white nationalists are not to the right of anything. All of these groups are to the left of center.” He was either lying when he said this , or he really is stupid and believes what he’s saying. I believe he’s one of the stupidest conservatives in the media , and doesn’t know much about history. So , by Rush’s logic , Hitler must have been a liberal , and the white nationalists are also liberals. Rush  isn’t the only conservative Republican who believes this and has made this claim. Bryan Fisher of AFA has also made this absurd claim. By denying that white nationalists and Nazis have anything to do with far right on the political spectrum , they can blame  all the violence on liberals and progressives , excluding themselves of any responsibility. So , Rush wants us to be afraid of those violent Black Lives Matter people and their liberal cohorts who are running over white people and shooting them , because they want to start a race war like Obama did , but never got around to.         


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Tomi Lahren Ad Aims To Add ‘Levity’ To Current Political Climate

Tomi Lahren Ad Aims To Add ‘Levity’ To Current Political Climate.

 Do you want to cry when a liberal criticizes Donald Trump? For any reason?

Do you feel like throwing a temper tantrum when a liberal says Obama was a better president than the current man-child-in chief?

Do you tear up when a liberal says Hilary Clinton would be more presidential?

Were you butt hurt when liberals called Trump a misogynist pig , for saying , ‘I grab ’em by the pussy?’

Were you offended when liberals accused Trump of being xenophobic for his Muslim ban?

Do you get misty eyed when a liberal accuses Trump of bigotry for banning transgenders from the military?

Did you accuse liberals of playing the race card when they criticized Trump for questioning Barack Obama’s birth certificate?

Did you also accuse liberals of playing the race card when they called Tomi Lharen a racist for saying Black Lives Matter was just like the KKK?

Did you tear up along with Tomi Lahren and Donald Trump when watching news footage of ‘our beautiful’ confederate statues being toppled?

If you answered yes to any of these questions , then you are definitely a butt hurt , misty eyed crybaby snowflake. Symptoms definitely include repeating phrases like ‘Trump won the popular vote.’ ‘Millions of illegals voted in the election.’ ‘Voter fraud is rampant.’ ‘Democrats are the party of racism.’ ‘Obama is a Muslim.’ ‘Obama hates America.’ ‘Obama hates cops.’ ‘Black Lives Lives Matter is the new KKK , a terrorist hate group.’ ‘CNN , MSNBC and the liberal mainstream media are fake news , but Fox News and Tomi Lahren tell it like it is!’ Ignoring the investigative reports and screaming ‘Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!’

But for you , there is no cure. As long as you are a Trump supporter , and believe alternate facts like the ones above , are real facts , you will always be a snowflake.  


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Trump ‘Sad’ Over Removal of ‘Our Beautiful Statues’

Trump ‘Sad’ Over Removal of ‘Our Beautiful Statues’

President Trump pouting over confederate statues being removed.

Trump , like his followers , don’t seem to understand that  statues of confederate soldiers , and the confederate flag – represent treason , and slavery , and therefore are offensive to most people for those reasons. Many of them falsely believe that the civil war really wasn’t about the south defending slavery.    

Yes , they are a part of American history. But they should not be in public squares and buildings. By placing them so , honors their cause , which was to defend slavery and secede from America. America should not honor traitors by erecting monuments to them. Those who do so , those who are arguing for keeping these symbols in public places , are , in my opinion , showing that they themselves are un-American. These symbols belong in museums.   

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Obama Responds To Charlottesville Violence With A Quote From Nelson Mandela

Obama Responds To Charlottesville Violence With A Quote From Nelson Mandela.

There is too much fucking hate in this world , and in America. What with all that transpired in Charlottesville , Virginia , I wish Donald Trump could have  given America this message. It would have been more appropriate coming from him ; he is the president after all. It would have shown true leadership. Instead , it turned out to be Barack Obama. He wasn’t the greatest president. He had his problems. He did things he shouldn’t have done. Things I won’t get into here. But at least he never condoned or made excuses for bigotry.  

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“Barack Obama is to blame”: 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlottesville

“Barack Obama is to blame”: 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlottesville.   

Here we have a bunch of southern conservatives who have drunk the conservative media kool-aid. These people have been watching Fox News 24/7. It’s not the Neo-Nazis who were responsible for the violence on Saturday , but former president Barack Obama , George Soros , and Black Lives Matter. Apparently , to these idiots , Obama , Soros , and Black Lives Matter , may as well have been driving the car that plowed into the counter protesters , killing Heather Heyer , and injuring nineteen others , not the POS that was actually driving the car , because they all know that none of this would have happened if Obama hadn’t been racially divisive in his rhetoric ( he wasn’t , these idiots couldn’t even provide one example where he was ) , George Soros wasn’t funding every left wing project , and Black Lives Matter wasn’t an anti-white hate group that wanted to kill white people , cops , and burn down American cities. 

Everything is Obama’s fault in Republicanville.       

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Stupid Conservative Memes #68 Dana Loesch Edition


Of course , people like Dana didn’t see any hope or change , because she was one of those conservative pundits masquerading as a journalist , with her head up her ass. If the ACA , which they loved referring to as Obama Care , wasn’t hope and change , what was it? Millions of people who didn’t have health insurance , due to preexisting conditions , now had insurance. To them , it was hope and it was change , compared to the system that previously existed. But Dana and her conservative cronies in the mainstream media , were too busy making up death panels and others conspiracies about the ACA , never bothering to tell their audience that the real death panels are and always have been , and always will be , the private insurance companies , and that the mandate goes all the way back to the conservative think tank , the Heritage Foundation. 

Aviary Photo_131465932231654136  They attacked it for years , claiming it to be socialized , government-run health care , and that it was unconstitutional , even as the Republicans tried unsuccessfully to repeal it countless times. Now we find out in an ironic twist that Republicans – most notably , conservatives like Tomi Lahren – who have been openly condemning it for years , are using it.

In another note of irony , it’s been more than six months since Trump became president , and they still haven’t been able to repeal the law , nor come up with a decent one of their own. Yes , look at where you are now. Stuck with Obama Care. At least for now.

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