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Stupid Conservative Memes #37 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

aviary-photo_131306298498129967  There is no shortage of stupid memes on the internet. Some of them come from liberal sources , but the worst of them come from Conservative sites like Liberal Logic 101. They are almost consistent in their stupidity. They claim to expose the stupidity and hypocrisy of liberals  , but all they really do is make themselves look hypocritical and foolish.

As an example of how idiotic their memes are  , this one takes first prize for stupidity and hypocrisy.

The sign in the background says , If you don’t like gay marriage , don’t get gay married.

To anyone with a rational mind  , it seems like a reasonable suggestion. But Conservatives , and especially the buffoons at Liberal Logic , are anything but rational. They can only see the world in black and white. There is no nuance. In their minds , this is using the government to force the gay lifestyle ( same-sex marriage – “fictional rights” ) on everyone else , forcing them to participate and celebrate their lifestyle choices , as if someone were holding a gun to their heads , telling them they must get out in the streets and participate in gay pride parades. Yeah , that’s totally happening. 

Gay rights advocates are supposedly using the government – Conservatives claim they’re for small government – to force their morality on others , but they see no problem with wanting the same government to defund organizations like Planned Parenthood. 

As a non gay person ,  I have never felt pressured , nor have I ever been forced to participate in or celebrate the gay lifestyle. It’s just another lame excuse anti-gay bigots use to defend their bigotry. To believe that same-sex marriage is a threat to your lifestyle , or your particular definition of marriage , you have to be missing a few brain cells. 

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