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Stupid Conservative Memes #32 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


How those with common sense respond to gun violence : “What’s your plan to end gun violence?”

How idiots respond : “Duh , more guns , and shooting back is a place to start.”

People with common sense would call for sensible reform , but gun nuts oppose universal background checks , high capacity magazine , and assault weapons bans. They believe any form of gun control is a threat to their second amendment freedom. 

For the past eight years  after a shooting , gun nuts repeated the same absurd arguments : ‘Now is not the time to talk about gun violence ; more guns will make us safer ; a good guy with a gun will always stop a bad guy with a gun ; guns free zones attract more gun violence ; and the most absurd claim : ‘Obama is coming for our guns.’ And each year those arguments were proven wrong. Obama never took their guns away , like they said he would.

I can imagine the idiots who read this nonsense , nodding their heads in agreement , ‘Yeah , more firearms , and more violence will put an end to gun violence. Stupid liberals.’


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Stupid Conservative Memes #31 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The idiots at Liberal Logic 101 have proven that they are not only racist  , but also bigoted. This one portrays anti-gay bigot Scott Lively as a wonderful human being who has never said an unkind word about LGBT individuals. Lively wrote a book , Pink Swastika , in which he claimed that the founders of the Nazi movement were homosexuals. He was also suspected of influencing Uganda’s anti-gay rights bill.

 1. Scott Lively … politely disagrees with homosexual activists … hate crime. “We should not discriminate against persons who define themselves as homosexuals.” If the idiots at Liberal Logic believe Lively has never discriminated against homosexuals , that would make them stupid , not liberals. Politely disagreeing with homosexuals is not a hate crime , and no one has ever suggested it is. But Lively has spent more than two decades discriminating and dehumanizing gay individuals and activists , comparing them to Nazis , murderers , and pedophiles. Yeah , that’s what I call politely disagreeing.

2Dan Savage … calls Christians vile and disgusting names … free speech. ( Such as bigot , homophobe? ) “I wish the Republicans were all dead.”

Conservative Christians work themselves into a lather of self-righteous indignation that liberals would even consider them bigoted or homophobic toward LGBT individuals. They see themselves as the perpetual victim. I’m sure none of them have ever wished death on  homosexuals.  

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Stupid Conservative Memes #30 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

Liberal Logic 101 , proudly displaying their stupidity , hypocrisy , and racism.


Why is it that liberals can see the irony and hypocrisy in these memes , but the idiots who produce them are completely lost on it? This one claims that Conservatives view black people positively and respectfully , which is , of course , bullshit. Liberals and progressives for the most part have not portrayed black people as loud mouths and do-nothings. But this is exactly how the idiots at Liberal Logic 101 and their equally stupid readers view them. Right wing media has always portrayed black politicians positively when they’re Republicans , even going so far as defending their bigotry. But when they’re  Democrats , and liberals , they’re maligned as racists , Muslims , communists , and Nazis. For eight years they attacked Obama as a token “do-nothing” who did nothing but take endless vacations and play endless rounds of golf. But , of course , it’s liberals and Democrats who are racists. 

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Stupid Conservative Memes #29 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


Liberals are not outraged at the existence of the Duggars , or the Palins. They are simply pointing out the hypocrisy. When Conservative Republicans talk about family values they are outraged at the thought of Lena Dunham sexually touching her sister at the age of seven , or a gay couple adopting a child , but excuse the behavior of someone like Josh Duggar ( a Christian hypocrite ) sexually molesting his sisters when he was a teenager , and Bristol Palin having children out-of-wedlock , because they are Conservative Christians. It’s called a double standard , which they apparently are immune to.

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More Reasons Not To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Still Hate Liberals ) , Part 2

John Hawkins , Rightwing News.

Even though Obama is no longer in the White House , I will continue making fun of liberals. So , here is my continuing list of Why I Still Hate Liberals …

1) They don’t believe Obama is persecuting Christians. Ever since Obama became president , Christians and Conservatives have been under attack. They’ve been attacked  in the streets all over America by liberal mobs angry at the fact that Conservatives and Christians are wishing them Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. Liberals are such wimps.

2) They believe Ted Nugent is a draft dodging pants pooper. Ted is a real American patriot , because he hunts  , and hates liberals , not because he dodged the draft by pooping his drawers.

3) They’re slobs. When liberals eat , they can’t help but act like the slobs they are. It’s in their nature. It’s in their genes. Liberals are born to be slobs. They have no qualms about belching and farting around others , and at the dinner table. Liberals are such pigs.

4) If Jesus were black or Muslim , they would gladly believe in him. When Megan Kelly claimed Jesus was white , liberals had a fit , proving how racist they are. They can’t stand the fact that Jesus is white and will always be white.

5) They don’t believe in Santa Claus. Again , liberals would believe in Kris Kringle if he were black , but he’s also white , and American , whether they believe it or not. It’s just a fact.

6) They have warts. Liberals are ugly , which is why only they have warts.

7) They love to eat children. It’s a fact that liberals will eat anything , even kids. In fact , liberals will gladly eat their own kids if they had nothing else to eat.

8) They’re sex maniacs. When liberals aren’t eating kids , babies , puppies , and everything else , they’re sex maniacs. They’re either masturbating relentlessly or humping each other like wild animals. liberals are so nasty.

9) They’re serial killers. Everyone knows liberals are serial killers. Want proof? See #7.

10) They believe Wheaties really are the breakfast of champions. You read that right. Liberals really are that stupid.

And there you have it , more reasons why I still hate liberals and wouldn’t touch one even if they converted to Christianity , which is not very likely , since liberals hate Christians.