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Stupid Conservative Memes #7 … Ted Nugent Edition


I can’t think of a worse choice for president of the United States than Donald Trump … unless it’s Ted Nugent. Like Trump he’s a narcissist with a massive ego , who believes himself to be an American champion of freedom and liberty as he bad mouths liberals and anyone who disagrees with his twisted view of America. 

He’s also said some disgusting things about not just liberals , but minorities , and the current president , and once said that ‘nowhere could he see racism , except that coming from the White House.’

If this waste of a human being ever became president , race relations would truly be set back fifty years.

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Stupid Conservative Memes # 6 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


******Straw man******

This one is not only stupid , but immature , which seems to be a standard for the creators of Liberal Logic.

I don’t know of any “libtard” who despises Sarah Palin simply for being a working mom , or Anne Romney for being a stay at home mom. Do these fools really think liberals are that superficial? 

If any liberal despises Sarah Palin , it’s because she is a dishonest , deceitful person who has made outrageous claims , such as the death panel clause in Obama Care , Obama paled around with terrorists during his days as a community organizer in Chicago , and a butt load of other horse shit.

Liberal Logic 101. Yes , they are that stupid.