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Stupid Conservative Memes #12 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


 Actually you can. Trayvon Martin was a teenager walking through a neighborhood at night minding his own business , stalked by a Steven Seagal  wanna be with a loaded gun. To assume that he was a violent criminal and a racist because he wore a hoodie , and to claim that an individual who committed a crime is the real victim , is not just blatant  race-baiting , but more intellectual laziness.

Conservative logic :  it’s OK to assume a black kid wearing a hoodie is a thug looking to cause trouble. The dude wearing a white hood , don’t assume he’s a racist. 

Liberal Logic 101 , proving once again they have no idea what the word logic , means.

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Stupid Conservative Memes #11 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


The message here they’re trying to sell is obvious : white kid walks into an all black church in South Carolina and murders nine people. “Don’t blame racism , racism had nothing to do with it. He was a lunatic , a mentally disturbed ‘lone wolf ‘, don’t blame it on white supremacy” , even though on his website The Last Rhodesian there were photos of him with racist symbols and his manifesto in which he wrote about how much he hated black people. “But don’t blame it on racism crazy insane racist liberals.”

Actually liberals don’t blame all white people for the actions of a shooter like Dylann Roof. But anti-liberal Conservatives do. If the shooter is a black person or a Muslim , his behavior is typical of the entire race. “Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s terrorist‘. They immediately blame everyone , including liberals , Democrats , Obama , and the so-called liberal media. 

This meme doesn’t expose liberals. It exposes the intellectual laziness of Liberal Logic 101. 


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Stupid Conservative Memes #10 Liberal Logic 101 Edition


Once again Liberal Logic 101 fails to see the irony and the hypocrisy in this ridiculous meme.

Back in 2010 , Obama-hating teabaggers had a fit when a fifth grade school teacher from Texas by the name of Thomas Ritter wrote the president to complain about Obama Care. In the letter Ritter accused the president of making fun of teabaggers. Allegedly Obama used the term also when writing him back , and when the Conservative media got a hold of the story , they cried foul. They claimed it was a derogatory term , and demanded that he apologize immediately.

Liberal Logic 101 : Ted Nugent … called Obama a sub-human mongrel , then apologized. Media still outraged.

Nugent later said , “I apologize , though not necessarily to the president.”

Liberal Logic 101 : Barack Obama … called Ted Nugent , me , and all Tea Party members ‘teabaggers , and has yet to apologize. Media still has head lodged firmly up ass. 

Yeah , Obama should apologize because being called a teabagger is much worse than a sub-human mongrel , and a POS.

Liberal Logic 101 , Ted Nugent , and any Tea Party Conservative who believes Obama should apologize for using the term ‘teabagger’ , have their heads lodged firmly up their asses. 




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Stupid Conservative Memes #9 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


What is it about irony that anti-liberal Conservatives don’t understand? This meme claims Obama and Democrats want to blame Republicans and guns after every shooting. But in reality ( and here’s where the irony is blatantly apparent ) who do Conservatives blame after every shooting? That’s right. They blame liberals , Democrats , and Obama. It doesn’t matter if the shooter is a Muslim , or a white supremacist like Dylan Roof. It’s all Obama’s fault because he wants to take their guns away.

Liberals can see the hypocrisy ; it’s completely lost on liberal-hating Conservatives.

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Stupid Conservative Memes #8 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition



This one is not only stupid , it’s  racist. 

  1. How the media portrayed them : Conservative news media relentlessly portrayed Trayvon Martin as a violent , racist thug who deserved what he got , and George Zimmerman as a helpless victim , even though he was the one stalking Martin with a loaded gun. Ironic
  2. How Conservative media wanted us to  see them : see #1.
  3. How they were portrayed to the public. Liberal Logic’s message here is that young black men are all thugs , and the white men who murder them are the real victims.Liberal Logic … yes , they are that racist.


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Stupid Conservative Memes #7 … Ted Nugent Edition


I can’t think of a worse choice for president of the United States than Donald Trump … unless it’s Ted Nugent. Like Trump he’s a narcissist with a massive ego , who believes himself to be an American champion of freedom and liberty as he bad mouths liberals and anyone who disagrees with his twisted view of America. 

He’s also said some disgusting things about not just liberals , but minorities , and the current president , and once said that ‘nowhere could he see racism , except that coming from the White House.’

If this waste of a human being ever became president , race relations would truly be set back fifty years.

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Stupid Conservative Memes # 6 … Liberal Logic 101 Edition


******Straw man******

This one is not only stupid , but immature , which seems to be a standard for the creators of Liberal Logic.

I don’t know of any “libtard” who despises Sarah Palin simply for being a working mom , or Anne Romney for being a stay at home mom. Do these fools really think liberals are that superficial? 

If any liberal despises Sarah Palin , it’s because she is a dishonest , deceitful person who has made outrageous claims , such as the death panel clause in Obama Care , Obama paled around with terrorists during his days as a community organizer in Chicago , and a butt load of other horse shit.

Liberal Logic 101. Yes , they are that stupid.