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Stop Playing Golf Obama And Do Something About ISIS!

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                 To the most radical Conservatives , he’s an intellectual , but to those who actually know something about politics , he’s just a pathetic clown.

Mark Levin is a lunatic Conservative talk show host , author , and self-described intellectual and Constitutionalist. He’s also a partisan hack , a racist , anti-Semite , and a loud mouth with a grating , irritating voice and an annoying way of speaking. Dubbed the “Great One” by Sean Hannity , his biggest claim to fame , other than being a best-selling author , is his knowledge of the Constitution – which is debatable. He’s an egomaniac who often displays extreme arrogance ,  a lack of knowledge of politics , and has frequently demonstrated his love of free speech by screaming at anyone who disagrees with him on his radio show – especially if they’re liberals – often hanging up on them and calling them idiots and morons.

Like any Conservative who lives in a universe where facts , truth , and objectivity don’t really matter , he suffers from a severe form of Obama/liberal/Democrat derangement  , and honestly believes that their only priority is to destroy America and the Constitution politically , spiritually , economically , and literally because they’re either Muslims , Marxists , Nazis , or a combination of all three.

Like most Tea Party wing nuts , Levin has spouted crap loads of  verbal diarreah that his fans and listeners adore him for , believing everything he says actually comes from the mind of an intellectual , but in reality are nothing more than the rantings of a raving madman :

“Obama vacations in the whitest place on Earth.” From his radio show : “I think what they say about Martha’s Vineyardfor you racialists and racebaiters out thereI think they say its the whitest place on Earth.” Also during his rant : “We know you hate whites Obama! He talks race , he uses race , he pushes race!” Levin should know about pushing race. He’s done it quite often.

“Obama Care is  Hitleresque.”  Talking to Curtis Sliwa ( WABC radio host and founder of Guardian Angels ) he compared the Affordable Care Act to something Hitler did in Nazi Germany. “Obama is really into these Germanlike events he creates in this country. Have you noticed that?” No , Mark , I haven’t noticed , because there haven’t been any.

“Obama Care supporters are Nazi Brown Shirts.” According to lunatics like Levin , virtually everything Obama does is comparable to Nazi Germany. Referring to Obama Care supporters on his radio show , he said , “All they need is special uniforms. Learn how to march , salute , and carry flags. They’re Brown Shirts.”

“The Supreme Court is imposing secular sharia.” At the Value Voters Summit of 2015 , Levin   claimed that the Supreme Court was imposing Secular Sharia. “The Sunday show hosts are too stupid to understand that the first amendment was not intended to create a separation of church and state , but to prevent the establishment of a theocracy.” Actually , its both. “What we have now is a federal government as a religion , secularism has become a religion. And just as in Muslim countries they have these Sharia courts to enforce Sharia law , we have a Supreme Court that exists to enforce secularism.”
 For someone who is supposed to be an intellectual , Levin seems to have no understanding of what secularism is. Secularism is not a religion. Secularism means to be non-religious , to be separate from religion. If anyone is stupid here , it’s Mark Levin.

“Obama has an affinity for radical Islam more than Christianity.” From his radio show , February 2015 : “I don’t think Obama was ever taught about Christianity. He was taught radicalism through a cereal box preacher camouflaged as a church. He was taught extreme radicalism rather than faith. The faith he was exposed to was the faith of his father.” ( Obama’s father was an atheist ). “So , Obama has an affinity for Islam more than Christianity or Judaism. No question about  it.”  Actually , there is. Levin would know that if he bothered to do some reading. 

“The Obama’s have done more damage to race relations in this country than George Wallace.”  From his radio show , May , 2015 , Levin accused the Obama’s of being racialists and race-baiters of the highest order , and that they are full of hate speech , comparing them to George Wallace.  
Where has Levin been the past eight years? Has he been living under a rock? Has he forgotten the birthers , not to mention the entire Conservative media attacking the Obama’s over everything they have said and done , not to mention his own childish rantings and ravings?
For eight years now ,  Conservatives have laughably played the victim card , accusing the Obama’s of being racist , but there has never been a single incident where they’ve said anything demeaning toward white people. If anything , it’s the opposite that’s true. The Obama’s have been the targets of false accusations , outright racism , and deliberate smears by Conservatives in the media , on the internet , and in Congress. 

He’s the author of several ridiculously  bad books such  as Ameritopia Men In Black : How The Supreme Court Is Destroying America , and Liberty And Tyranny. His latest book , Stop playing Golf Obama And Do Something About ISIS! is also a best seller , and is available now through the I Hate Obama Book Club.

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Maddow reacting to Levin’s Lunacy.

He appeared on a recent episode of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show to promote his latest book , and ranted and raved like the lunatic that he is.   

Rachel : “Mark , according to your book , are you saying that president Obama isn’t doing anything about ISIS?”

Levin : “That’s right.”

Rachel : But , that’s not true. He’s – “

Levin : ( Screaming ) “What do you mean it’s not true?! Of course it’s true! How can he being doing something about them when he’s always playing golf?!”

Rachel : “But he’s not always playing golf. He’s ordered thousands of airstrikes against them .”

Levin : “Didn’t you hear what I said?! Are you deaf , dumb and blind?! He hasn’t done a damn thing about ISIS! He plays for team ISIS! There , I said it! Prove me wrong! He allows them to waltz across the border and set up camp all over America! Next thing you know , he’ll be inviting them to the White House for beer , coffee , and family photos! He may even make rap videos with them , like he’s done with the Muslim Brotherhood!”

Rachel : “Can we please just have a normal discussion here?”

Levin : ( Still screaming ) “What do you mean , normal discussion?! We are having a normal discussion!”

Rachel : “Screaming isn’t a normal discussion.”

Levin : “I’m not screaming! This is how I talk!”

Rachel : “If you say so , Mark. Can we talk about the book?”

Levin : “I thought we were talking about the book?!”

Rachel : ( Sighs ) “So , president Obama is just playing golf , and not really doing anything about ISIS?”

Levin : “That’s right! He’s always on the golf course! They can’t get him to do anything else! Golf is all he thinks about! From the moment he gets up in the morning to the moment he goes to bed , golf is all he thinks about! Golf! Golf! Golf! The word is burrowed into his brain like a flesh-eating worm! The guy is a zombie when it comes to golf! He stumbles around all day  dreaming about golf! He’s got golf balls for pupils! He even craps golf balls! He used to do pot and coke! Now he’s hooked on golf! It’s his new drug! I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts grinding golf balls to fine powder , and sniffs them up his nose! There , I said it! He’s a junkie , a golf junkie! No wonder the American people think he’s the worst president ever!” 

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Excerpts From Victoria Jackson’s Book : Bye! Bye! America Died , That Was The Day That I Cried And I Cried … Part 6

Continued from chapter one : The Night Of The Twerking Dead

After barfing in the young paramedic’s face  , I wanted to crawl under a rock and just die. I didn’t mean to do it. The fact that I was feeling queasy from the cut on my head , and the disgust I felt at the twerkers , I just couldn’t help myself. It came without warning. 

The young man was more embarrassed than I was. I apologized , and he mumbled , “forget about it. It can happen to anybody.”

I called Paul from the hospital to come pick me up. He brought Aubrey and Scarlet with him. The cop who had taken my information about the accident , was leaving as they arrived.

“Mom , are you alright? ” Aubrey said. “You’re not in trouble , are you?”

“No , I’m fine. I just ran into the living dead , and almost killed a few zombies … literally. “


“Obama supporters ,” I said.

Paul passed wind , a particularly loud wind. It was like an ocean breeze , carrying with it a fishy stench. I had no doubt that if we had been at the beach , this particular stench would have killed all the marine life for miles around.

“Jeez , dad! Do you have to do that here?”

“Yeah , Paul , cut it out! You’re stinking up the place!”

“Sorry. I just can’t help myself. Every time I hear Obama’s name I … can’t help myself.”

Several people in the waiting area looked at us in disgust. No doubt they had also heard it.

“I need to pick up my car ; it’s been towed away.”

“I’ll pick it up , mom ,” Scarlet said.

“Alright. But if you happen to see any Obama twerking zombies out there , try not to run them over ,” I said. “God knows I tried not to.”

“Sorry , mom , can’t make any promises.”     

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Excerpts From Victoria Jackson’s Book ‘Bye Bye , America Died , That Was The Day That I Cried And I Cried , Part 5

Continued from chapter one : 

Night Of The Twerking Dead

When I woke up , a dog was licking my face , and a paramedic and a cop were squatting next to me. The dog was a small , scroungy looking mutt with a couple of bald patches in its fur. It smelled like pee. I pushed it away as I tried to get up.

The paramedic and the cop were young and kind of cute looking.

“Hey! Whose dog is this?”

“Now relax lady , and let me take a look at that cut on your forehead ,” the paramedic said. He smelled like Old Spice. Something my husband seldom smelled like. Paul usually smelled like  gas. 

“What cut? I’m fine.” I tried to get up , but immediately felt dizzy. The dog continued  licking my face. I pushed it away again. “Go away mangy mutt , you stink!”

“You’re not fine. You knocked your head against the steering wheel when you rammed into that car in front of you ,” the police officer said. The name on his tag said officer Jenkins. He had a Burt Reynolds type mustache ; he even slightly resembled Burt Reynolds. “You might have a concussion. Best to let the paramedics take you to the hospital to check you out. Is there anyone here who can take your dog home?”

Funny , but I didn’t recall slamming my head against the steering wheel.

“What makes you think it’s my dog? I wouldn’t be caught dead with an ugly mutt that smells like pee.” The mangy thing whined slightly as if it knew I had insulted it.

“Oh  … well , I thought … never mind.” He turned to the crowd of gawkers who were staring at me as if they were in a trance. Typical of Obama supporters. Drooling Zombies all of them. 

“Does anyone know who this dog belongs to?”  

No one answered. They continued to stare for several moments. I began to feel uneasy. All those zombie movies I had seen as a kid came flooding back to me. I was terrified they would start mumbling about wanting to eat brains or babies or something. But no such thing happened. I felt a little disappointed. These were Obama supporters after all.

Then the crowd parted and an old woman who looked just as mangy as the dog , stumbled forward , and with an almost toothless grin , called the dog to her. The mangy little mutt jumped into her arms , and as she turned back toward the crowd , she began twerking! God , it was obscene! But what was even more obscene , was the crowd twerked along with her , uncannily matching her every move , as if they were being directed by some unseen force. Obama , most likely. 

“Oh … my … God! Get me out of here , somebody , please!” I wanted to vomit , but all I could manage to do was gag. The paramedic helped me up and into the wagon.

As it pulled away , through the back windows , I could still see the crowd twerking. I felt sick again , but instead of gagging , this time I did vomit … right into the face of the young paramedic!



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Allen West : Wing Nut Guardian Of The Republic

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Conservatives have their own race card dealer , and he knows how to use it.

Allen West is a crazy Tea Party Republican , and former Congressman of Florida who served one term from 2011 to 2013. He was defeated for reelection by Patrick Murphy in 2012. 

In 2013 Fox News hired him as a political commentator , even though his knowledge of politics is questionable. He’s also a fervent gun nut and NRA board member who believes that the second amendment was written specifically for the overthrow of the federal government should it ever become tyrannical , which in the minds of wing nuts like West , it already has , because “Barack Hussein Obama” is in the White House. 

Like most of his fellow Tea Partiers , he believes Obama is a America hating , Alinsky – Ayers – Davis inspired Marxist socialist with a soft spot in his heart for radical Islamic terrorists. He’s also a master at playing the race card whenever it’s convenient ( which happens to be quite often ) , which is not only ironic , but quite laughable since he’s always accusing liberals and president Obama of doing the same.  

His followers and fans fawn over him adoringly , and accept everything he says as the gospel truth , as if he were a God send to both the Tea and Republican Parties.    

West has made some outrageous claims over the years that prove his mind has turned to mush : 

Aviary Photo_131152440433160494

House Democrats are communists.  Speaking at a town hall meeting in April 2012 , West made a fool of himself , as he’s done on many occasions , when he  claimed that the majority of Democrats in Congress were card-carrying communists. Of course , he didn’t mention any names. West is the typical Tea Party bomb thrower. Throw something out and hope it sticks , and with a ridiculous statement such as this one , it stuck like glue.  Politifact investigated his claim , and rated it pants on fire.
Soledad O’Brien on CNN challenged him on his claim , but he refused to name any names , proving that he is nothing more than a bomb throwing agitator.

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Goebbels would be proud of Democrats. To space cadets like West , liberals and Democrats are either communists or Nazis , or both. They can’t seem to make up their minds , and  they often fail to make a distinction between the two. On this occasion , apparently upset over a poll that Americans blamed Republicans more than Democrats for failing to get anything done in Congress , West lashed out at the Democratic Party saying that “Goebbels would be proud of their propaganda machine.” Of course it was business as usual with Allen West , another classic case of projection.  He managed to piss off both the National Jewish Democratic Council , and the Anti Defamation League. He also managed to pull the victim card , blaming reporters for twisting his words , which were well within context.  

Aviary Photo_131152438449596958
The master of demagoguery accusing Obama of demagoguery. It’s amazing he isn’t blinded by the glaring irony.

Barack Obama is a socialist agitator.   It always goes back to Alinsky and Ayers. Since Obama campaigned for the presidency , Conservatives have had an unhealthy obsession with both Ayers and Alinsky , and have been determined to find some kind of damning link between the three of them. Because Barack Obama was involved with ACORN and his hometown community of Chicago in his younger days , that automatically made him a socialist communist? By that logic , anyone who is involved in their communities must be  socialist agitators. 

Aviary Photo_131152436597619926

Obama supporters are a threat to the gene pool. Anyone who takes what Allen West says as fact , is even more of a space cadet than he is. Allen West , and his supporters are the only threat to the gene pool. 

Aviary Photo_131152439758127938

I am your modern-day Harriet Tubman. Apparently Allen West is Harriet Tubman , Martin Luther King , Gandhi , Jesus Christ , and Moses , who will lead black Americans from the racist Democrat plantation to the promised land of freedom , the Republican Party , which is flowing with milk and honey , where unicorns soar through rainbows. Like most Republicans , West believes the Democratic Party is part of the racist South , and that the Southern Strategy is just another liberal myth.    

Aviary Photo_131153256542338467

Religious co-existence will destroy America. There is one bumper sticker in America that enrages Allen West more than the Obama sticker. The religious co-exist sticker is even more of an outrage. West has no love for Islam , or any religion other than Christianity. Being a Christian himself ( or so he claims ) , he believes America is a Christian nation where only Christians should have rights , and that the government should grant Christians special rights over other religions. He believes that Islam has infiltrated every aspect of American life , and that it is slowly but surely taking over the country , and that “Barack Hussein Obama” is the Infiltrater In Chief. 

 Aviary Photo_131153256410221464

Sharia law comes to Wal-Mart. West is also a master at playing the victim card. He once posted on his blog that he had been a victim of sharia law at a Dallas Wal-Mart store. During a shopping visit with his daughter , he was attempting to purchase alcohol from a young Muslim employee whose name was not Steve. The employee refused to make the purchase , because apparently he was under age , and West blew his top , posting his outrageous experience on his website. Supposedly , his daughter asked why “Not Steve” could refuse service based on his religious beliefs , but Christians were forced to do just the opposite.
Apparently , West later contacted the store and discovered that “Not Steve” was under twenty-one, and updated the title to the post to , “More Ominous Signs Of Christian Persecution”. Wackos like West believe that Christians are under assault from “Barack Hussein Obama” , Democrats , and the liberal media , even though there is no such assault. 

Get the hell out of America. During a GOP Lincoln day dinner at Tony Kravis Center in Palm Beach Florida , West told Obama , Harry Reid , and Nancy Pelosi to get the hell out of America with their message of equality , achievement , economic dependency , of enslaving the will of the American people , and take it to the bottom of the sea , take it to Europe , or take it to the North Pole , but get the hell out!
In other words , if you’re not a Conservative and don’t believe in our values and principles , you’re not a real American.       

Aviary Photo_131153281843393237

Aviary Photo_131152473726522188

Aviary Photo_131152473148932422
Conservatives like West perpetually play the victim card as they accuse liberals and Democrats of doing the same.

More Allen West craziness : he’s also accused the president of siding with ISIS , who , he claimed , supports an Islamic caliphate ; once claimed that the Democratic Party has always been about fear mongering , and are the party of segregation , Jim Crow , intimidation , and voter fraud ; American news agencies should be censored ; some random dude on a plane told him the real story of what happened in Benghazi ; and that Obama was out to get white people because of a tanning tax in the Affordable Health Care Act. 

A mind is a terrible thing to waste , and in my opinion , West has wasted his political career spouting nonsense that only like-minded wing nuts would find credible.