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Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal

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Proof that not all blondes are dumb. Just Conservative blondes like Pavlich.


    Katie Pavlich is a Tea Party wing nut , gun loving wacko and a Fox News talking bobble head. She writes columns for wing nut conspiracy sites  Town Hall , Patriot Update , and World Nut Daily. She was named 2013’s Blogger Of The Year at the CPAC conference , God knows why. The same year she was awarded the Conservative Leadership from Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute , again God knows why. The following year CBLPI named her Woman Of The Year , once again , God knows why.

Like all liberal hating wing nuts ,  she believes the president is a communist  and a fascist because of Obama Care , is a Muslim , and is soft on  Muslim terrorists because he refuses to utter the magic words , Radical Islamic terrorism. It’s clear these people want a religious war.

Aviary Photo_131090543223771414As a gun nut , she believes the president is hell-bent on destroying the second amendment , and is still coming for the precious guns of all self-described “patriotic Americans”. Her proof is the president’s recent executive actions on gun control , which she believes is a blatant attempt to confiscate guns , and her failure to understand the basics of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty , which in the minds of gun nuts will eventually lead to direct gun confiscation , but in reality will have no effect on the private ownership of fire arms in the United States.

 Assault And Stupidity  

In a recent article in The Hill , she claimed racism no longer exists in America. That is , unless they’re liberals. In the minds of wing nuts like Pavlich , its the Black Lives Matter crowd, the likes of  Jessie Jackson , Eric Holder , Obama , and liberals , who are the real racists , and race hustlers , and that white Neo-Conservatives are the real victims of racism , which is solely perpetrated by anyone black who has the audacity to complain about getting shot and beaten by over-zealous  , trigger happy police officers.

During an episode of The O’Reilly Factor , she claimed that white privilege is racist against whitey , that white students are discriminated against on college campuses , and the only time she has confronted her whiteness is when visiting the tanning salon.

Joining the phony leftist war on Christians and Christmas , is Pavlich’s latest book , Assault And Flattery : The Truth About The Left And Their War On Women. Here Pavlich has crafted  an imaginary war on women by the “Radical , Godless Left” , as opposed to an actual assault by Conservatives on women’s reproductive rights via legislation , attempting to defund planned Parenthood , and smearing its founder , Margret Sanger as an anti-black genocidal racist.

On an episode of Fox News’ Outnumbered , Pavlich displayed her race baiting skills by defending Trump’s statement about undocumented immigrants : “If these protesters spent as much time protesting the illegal alien rapists and murderers who make their own community look bad , maybe Trump wouldn’t be saying the things he is about them. So , I suggest that if they don’t want that stereotype , if they don’t want the truth to be told about the fact that illegal immigration does bring with it a huge criminal element that we have to deal with in this country , they should spend their energies getting out the criminals in their own communities.”

And they wonder why liberals and progressives label them as bigots and racists. Stay classy , Katie.

On an episode of Hannity Pavlich made the moronic statement that Barack Obama , Eric Holder , and Al Sharpton are anti-police , without offering any evidence. Since the deaths of Trayvon Martin , Michael Brown ,  Eric Garner , and Freddie Gray , the Right Wing Hate Machine has race baited the black community , the president , and prominent black leaders , accusing them of racism , of inciting hatred and violence against the police. Their intention is clear : to discredit Americas first bi-racial president as a racist and portray black protesters as thugs and criminals , which proves their hatred of the president and black people in general , is based on race. If he were a white Republican , his comments on race relations would not be a news worthy  issue.

Pavlich isn’t the first Conservative to accuse the president of being anti-police. Former Mayor of New York Rudy Guiliani , accused Obama of telling everyone to hate and incite violence against the police. The Washington Post fact check his statement and found it to be false. They also checked Pavlich’s claim , and found it too to be false.

 Her last book , Fast And Furious : Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal , was a New York Times best seller , in which she claimed Barack Obama deliberately allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels to further his fascist anti-gun agenda , which would eventually lead to total gun confiscation.
Only an idiot would believe this. A president , who they claim is anti-gun and wants to take everyone’s fire arms away , gives thousands of them to criminals for the purpose of pushing for stricter gun control legislation. Makes perfect sense.
It would have been easier to ban all guns by executive action , even though gun nuts would have had a fit. After all , he is The Gun Grabber In Chief , even though he has yet to grab a single gun.
The book was published in April of 2012 , and even though it was debunked the same year with the release of the Fast And Furious report , to Pavlich and the Conservative media , it will forever remain a scandal.

Her latest book , Golf Gate : Barack Obama’s Third Bloodiest Scandal , a look inside the Conservative medias obsession with the president’s so-called obsession with golf , is set to be released this summer by I Hate Barack Obama Publishing Company. 

She appeared recently on the Rachel Maddow Show to talk about the new book that will undoubtedly have her fans and readers salivating over another non scandal that Obama’s lap dog liberal media is obviously covering up for him.

Rachel : “What are president Obama’s first two bloody scandals?”

Katie : The first one was Fast And Furious , and the second was Benghazi.”

Rachel : But they’ve both been debunked.”

Katie : “No , they haven’t.”

Rachel : “Yes , they have. Haven’t you read the reports?”

Katie : “No , I haven’t. But -“

Rachel : “The Fast And Furious program was an ATF scandal , not a White House scandal that had anything to do with a false flag attempt to gab guns from American gun owners , and -“

Katie : “That’s your opinion.”

Rachel : “No , it’s not. It’s fact. Read the report.”

Katie : “I don’t have to read the report to know that Barack Obama , and Eric Holder were both involved , and that it was either Obama , or Holder’s idea in the first place , because they both hate the second amendment and guns so much that they obviously came up with this twisted scheme to grab the guns of every patriotic  , Tea Party American , because they believe they’re all racists. And Benghazi was not a fake scandal either , despite what liberals say. There really was a stand down order because Obama hates America , and the military , and didn’t care if his Muslim Brotherhood homies killed those people , because he’s a Muslim and a communist.”

Rachel : “Alright. Whatever.  And how is golfing a bloody scandal?”

Katie : “Well , first of all , everyone knows that Obama is always either on vacation , or playing golf when something bad happens in America , or around the world. It’s typical of him. An ostrich immediately hides its head in the sand. What does Obama do? Instead of accepting responsibility for everything , he plays golf. He says to himself , ‘it’s not my fault , it’s Bush’s fault. Blame him.’ Everything he does or says , he blames on George Bush. You know , like when he said , ‘you didn’t build that.’ Now he’s always saying , ‘I didn’t do that , I didn’t say that. It was Bush.’ So basically , playing golf is his way of hiding his head in the sand.”

Rachel : “And how is that a bloody scandal?”

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The look on Maddow’s face says it all , as Pavlich explains that communist democrats like to murder anyone who doesn’t support their liberal agenda.

Katie : “Well , everyone also knows that Obama is a Democrat , and Democrats are communists , and communists like to murder people who disagree with them , or don’t support their communist liberal agenda.”

Rachel : “What? Democrats are communists and they like to murder anyone who disagrees with their liberal agenda?!  Do you really believe that?”

Katie : “Of course I do. It makes sense.”

Rachel : “No , it doesn’t. It’s nonsense.”

Katie : “It’s not nonsense ; it’s true. I heard it from Allen West.”

Rachel : “Allen West is a space cadet. I wouldn’t take anything he has to say too seriously. Anyway , please continue.”

Katie : “Well , we know that Obama is close friends with John Poindexter , the man who owns the Texas ranch where Justice Scalia was found dead. And we know that Obama and Poindexter played golf on occasion , like he’s played golf with every liberal elitist athlete and actor in Hollywood like Tiger Woods , Jack Nicholson , and Stephen King.”

Rachel : “It’s Nicklaus , and he’s a Republican. I’ve never heard of him playing golf with Stephen King. Anyway , you still haven’t explained how playing golf is a bloody scandal.”

Katie : “Hold on , I’m getting to it.”

Rachel : “Please do. This is getting ridiculous.”

Katie : “Whatever. You know , you invited me here to talk about my new book , but you keep interrupting me.”

Rachel : “I’m not interrupting you. I’ve asked you twice how playing golf is supposed to be a bloody scandal , and you keep going off on a tangent about the president playing golf , which is anything but a scandal.”

Katie : “Well , if you’ll be patient , like I said , I’ll get to it.”

Rachel : Alright. Go on.”

Katie : “What makes the president playing golf a bloody scandal , is the fact that he probably had Scalia killed so he could put a liberal on the Supreme Court. Everybody’s talking about it. Please don’t interrupt. And we know that Obama wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone to take a vacation ,  play a game of golf , or kill anyone who criticizes him for taking a vacation or playing golf. And if you don’t believe me , you can ask Victoria Jackson , and Dr. Gina.”

Rachel : “Please forgive me , Ms. Pavlich , if I don’t take you at your word … or Victoria Jackson’s or Dr. Gina’s.”

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Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 4

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John Hawkins

Everything wrong in the world and America , is not only Obama’s fault , but the fault of liberals. Liberals are destroying everything they touch ,  are in the midst of completely destroying America , and the only way they can be stopped , short of shooting every one of them , is to round them all up , put them on an island somewhere at sea , and let them kill each other , so Conservatives will no longer have to worry about them destroying America.

With that in mind , let’s get to the fourth installment of Fifty Reasons Why I Hate Liberals , and why I wouldn’t trust one to kiss my ***.

1) Liberals are Satanists. All liberals are evil , and besides worshiping King Obama as their Lord and Savior , they also worship the Devil , who is no doubt Obama’s right hand man.

2) Liberals are drug addicts. I haven’t met one Obama supporter who hasn’t been addicted to some type of drug or alcohol. Which isn’t surprising , since it’s probably a side effect of voting for Obama.

3) Liberals eat puppies. Everyone loves puppies. Especially liberals. In fact , they love them so much puppies are one of their favorite foods , and one of their favorite snacks. They love to eat them as a roast , and in sandwiches as a snack. It’s a fact. It’s in their nature. Studies have proved it.

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A liberals favorite snack is a live puppy on a hamburger bun.

4) Liberals are thieves. It’s a well-known fact that all liberals are criminals. They’re rapists , murderers and thieves. Every last one of them.

5) Liberals love to masturbate. Everyone knows that liberals are such perverts that sex is all they think about. If they don’t have Playboy , Penthouse or some other porn to masturbate to , they will gladly choose Americas favorite gay couple , Bert and Ernie.

6) Liberals are conspiracy nuts. They believe in every conspiracy known to man , from the New World Order ,  the fake moon landing , to the Illuminati. They even believe that George Bush was behind 9/11. The truth is , it was Obama’s fault.

7) Liberals are insane. All the proof anyone needs is that they voted for Obama.

8) Liberals are egoists.  They love to brag about how much better they are than Conservatives. How much more intelligent they are , and how right they are. They suffer from delusions of grandeur. It gets tiresome listening to them brag about themselves.

9) Liberals are destroying the Constitution. Since Obama became president , he has routinely shredded copies of it by persecuting Christians , denying them the right to pray in public , and denying them the right to discriminate against gays and illegal immigrants. And liberals have always encourage it.

10) Liberals are devil possessed. As opposed to Conservatives who are possessed by the Holy Spirit.

And there you have it , ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one to lick the bottom of my shoe even if it had dog doody on it.

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Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 3

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John Hawkins

Liberalism is ruining America. It’s a fact. Studies have proved it. Turn on the television , open a newspaper , or  log onto the internet. They’re all full of liberal nonsense , liberal indoctrination and brainwashing. Talk to a liberal and you will see that their brains are permanently on auto pilot. No doubt they are day dreaming about playing a few rounds of golf with King Obama , or strolling through Martha’s Vineyards with him and the rest of the Obama’s.

With that in mind , here are ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one to pop a pimple on my butt. Yes , they’re that evil and that disgusting.

1) Liberals hate American values. Liberals hate every principle that America was founded on : Christianity , the Bible ,  the Ten Commandments , and the right to own a gun and shoot any liberal who disagrees with Donald Trump.

2) Liberals are commies and fascists. It’s a fact. It’s in their genes. Studies have proved it. Obama care is all the proof you need. But if you require more evidence , Obama’s countless executive orders , his endorsements of same-sex marriage and the war on Christmas.

3) Liberals believe the earth is round. Even though there is no evidence in support of it. According to the Bible , the earth is flat. Who is right? God , or liberals? Certainly not liberals. Suck on that liberals.

4) Liberals are delusional. They believe in the existence of UFO’s and E.T.s. Earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe. It says so in the Bible. Just another way liberals display their ignorance and stupidity by believing in things that couldn’t possibly be real.

5) Liberals hate the flag. It’s also a fact. It’s in their genes. Numerous studies have proved it. In fact , they hate it so much they wouldn’t hesitate to use it as a snot rag or a substitute for toilet paper.

6) Liberals are lazy and cannibals. If liberals had nothing else to eat , they would prefer to eat their own kids , and anyone else’s , rather than going to a grocery store or a restaurant.  Yes , studies have proved even that. 

7) Liberals are clueless. Your average liberal is so brainless , they have an I.Q. of about twenty-five. They literally don’t have a brain , and yet they believe they are more intelligent than Conservatives. But how intelligent can a liberal be when they’re too stupid to know how dumb they are? It’s a side effect of voting for Obama … twice. And just being a liberal in general.

8) Liberals are shameless. If liberals are born gay , no wonder they’re pansies and cross dressers.

9) Liberals love Bert and Ernie. Liberals love America’s favorite gay couple and don’t care if they are bad role models for kids everywhere , because they’re shameless , and are immoral.

10) Liberals are loud and obnoxious. They never know when to shut up. They brag constantly about themselves and Obama ; they whine about Conservatives disagreeing with their made up facts ; they play the race and victim cards incessantly when they can’t win with facts ; and they insist on shoving liberalism down our throats.

And there you have it. Ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one to touch me even if they washed their hands with Lysol.

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Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 2

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John Hawkins

It’s no secret that I hate liberals. I absolutely loath liberals. They are the epitome of evil in the world , and America. They are hateful , sexist , racist , and bigoted toward Conservatives , Christians , women , minorities , and gun owners , and they have proven time and time again how much they despise anyone who doesn’t agree with them one hundred percent.

And with that , here are ten more reasons why I hate liberals , and wouldn’t trust one to change my depends.

1) They hate God. The myth of the liberal Christian. There is no such thing as a liberal Christian. Liberals don’t believe in God. Liberals are communists and fascists by nature. It’s in their genes. Studies have proved it.

2) They voted for Obama. Liberals would have never forgiven themselves if they had not voted for Obama , because for them he could do no wrong. When liberals voted for Obama , they proved how racist they are.

3) Liberals will kill you if you disagree with them. Let’s face it. All liberals are homicidal maniacs. Not only would they kill you for disagreeing with them , but they are more likely to kill you for the most mundane reasons. For instance , if you looked at a liberal the wrong way , they are more inclined to murder you. It’s a fact. It’s in their nature. It’s in their genes. Studies have proved it.

4) They twerk homo erotically. The grand master , Obama taught them well. Most people believe it was a craze started by Miley Cyrus. But it was actually invented by Barack Obama. Crowds of Obama supporters can often be seen twerking in the streets and malls across America. It’s disgusting.

5) They worship Obama. They worship Obama as their lord and savior like Christians worship Jesus Christ. Just another sign that liberals are delusional.

6) Liberals hate guns. Another liberal myth is the liberal gun owner. Liberals wouldn’t pick up a gun to protect themselves if their homes were being invaded by radical Islamists. When it comes to guns , liberals are wimps and pussies.

7) Liberals are idiots. Don’t believe me? Try talking to one. Their brains are permanently on vacation like Obama.

8) They hate America.  It’s really no secret that liberals hate America. Again , don’t believe me? Try telling a liberal how great America is. Immediately their minds will space out ( more than usual ) , and they will either start picking their noses , their crotches , or cry out to Obama to save them from the evil Conservative who is attempting to dictate facts to them. My guess is cry out to Obama.

9) Liberals use atheism to brainwash others. All liberals are atheists. Liberals worship evil and the devil like Christians worship God and Jesus Christ , and  they encourage others to do the same.  It’s a fact. It’s in their nature. Studies have proved it.

10) Liberals want everyone to eat vegetables. All liberals want everyone else to eat healthy , or so they say. It’s really just a scam. Their real intention is to get Americans to eat as many veggies as they can , so they will get sick of them , and then gorge out on junk food and get as fat as they can so Obama can eat them. It’s been their plan all along. Don’t believe me? Ask Victoria Jackson.

And there you have it. Ten more reasons why I hate liberals and wouldn’t trust one if my life depended on it.



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Barack The Obamanable Snow Man

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“Everybody’s crazy except me.”

   Alex Jones is a Conservative radio host and conspiracy theory , tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko. Whether he actually believes the nonsense he peddles , or if it’s just an act , no one knows but Jones himself. Millions tune in weekly to listen to him rant about the New World Order , the Illuminati , Barack Obama , or any theory he happens to make up. They also buy loads of crap he sells on his two websites , Info Wars , and Prison Planet , proving that suckers will buy anything , no matter how dubious it may be.

He’s been among the leading wing nuts to claim that the moon landings were faked , that 9/11 was an inside job , and that Sandy Hook was a false flag to grab guns by the government  , and lock up patriotic Americans in Fema camps , though not a single gun was ever grabbed.

He has also produced a ton of laughable documentaries  and books exposing the evils of Barack Obama , George Bush , NASA , and other nonsense that his  followers adore him for.

His previous book , I Was A Chalupacabrabama For The CIA was a best seller among the conspiracy theory , Obama-paranoia crowd. Recently Jones came up with a new theory that he wrote about in a new book which is also about Barack Obama.

He has made appearances on Coast To Coast , Piers Morgan , and the BBC’s Sunday Politics. Recently he agreed to an interview with Megan Kelly on The Kelly File about his latest theory.

Megan : “Welcome , Alex. I don’t believe you’ve ever been on the show before.”

Alex : “No , Megan , this is the first time , and I’m thrilled to be here.”

Megan : “Your new book is titled Barack The Obamanable Snow Man. I read the first two chapters – it isn’t very long , only four chapters – but in the book you claim the president is , or was involved with some kind of weird experimentation with the CIA.”

Alex : “That’s right.”

Megan : “For those who haven’t  read the book , explain what it’s about.”

Alex : “It’s about Barack Obama , his connection to the CIA , and how he became the Obamanable Snow Man.”

Megan : “The Obamanable Snow Man? What does that mean? Are you saying that he’s actually a Yeti?”

Alex : “That’s right. That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Megan : “But , according to your last book – which I also read , all of it by the way – he’s already a Chalupacabrabama. I have to say , this sounds just as nuts as some of Victoria Jackson’s claims.”

Alex : “Listen , Megan. Don’t ever compare my books to Victoria Jackson’s books. Victoria Jackson is worse than David Icke. That chick is wacked. Certifiably insane. A total nut job. A lunatic. She belongs in the nut house in a padded room wearing a straight jacket with David Icke. And anyone who believes Obama’s mole is the Anti-Christ and its name is Julio , also belongs in the nut house in a padded room wearing a straight jacket with Victoria Jackson , and David Icke. When she called Obama a communist – which he is – she was believable. But now that she has made up every idiotic theory she can think of , she’s just become so laughable it’s pathetic. It’s nothing more than a pathetic attempt to sell sensationalist garbage to idiots. I’m surprised the National Enquirer or one of those other cheap rags , hasn’t asked her to write for them. Please don’t ever compare my books to hers. My books are not only believable , but well-researched , and totally  factual.”

Megan : “Whatever you say , Alex. But how can president Obama be both a Chalupa … whatever , and a Yeti? And why would the CIA want to turn him into one in the first place?”

Alex : “Because they know that their army of Chalupacabrabama’s would be easier to control if Obama were a beast like them , so they made him into a Yeti. I know what you’re thinking , he’s already a Chalupacabrabama , so why bother? Well , Megan. I don’t know. All I know is that it’s possible for him to be both. We’re talking about the CIA here , and the current president of the United States. Two of the most powerful entities in the world. You see , When Barack Obama – otherwise known as Barry Soetero – was twenty , or thereabouts , he was involved in a Darpa  teleportation program known as Project Pegasus. He teleported to Mars as part of his training program to prepare him for his American dictatorship. And now he’s the president of the United States , and we have no freedom. No freedom of speech , and no freedom of the press. No one can criticize the government , or gays , or atheists without the liberal PC thought police cracking down on them. Christians are being persecuted at an alarming rate. They’re telling kids they can’t pray in schools ; they can’t mention the name of Jesus or God in public without being told to shut up , or being threatened with jail. Everyone is being forced into slavery with Obama Care , and same-sex marriage. Obama’s taking our guns away from us. ISIS and other terrorist organizations supported by the CIA have camps and training facilities all over the United States. Everything’s going to hell in a hand basket , Megan , and Obama and liberals are to blame. It’s time for all patriots to rise up and take back this nation!”

Megan : “Everything you just said , makes absolutely no sense.”

Alex : “Well I -“

Megan : “Hold on. And it has nothing to do with my last question. How can president Obama be both a Chalupa whatsit and a Yeti?”

Alex : It has everything to do with what I said , Megan. The CIA made him – Barack Obama – what he is today , a Chalupacabrabama with an appetite for chalupas – even Michelle Obama and their two kids have a huge appetite for chalupas , they’re always at Taco Bell scarfing down tons of chalupas , because Obama does , it’s in his blood if you know what I mean  – and a Yeti , by injecting Obama Sr. with Chupacabra blood , and then him – Obama Jr. – with the blood of a Yeti. Understand now?”

Megan : “No. It still doesn’t make sense.”

Alex : “Maybe it would if you would clean out your ears. You know , get a cotton swab or something and dig around in there real good. You might come up with something. They’re probably so full of wax , you’re having trouble understanding what I’m saying.”

Megan : “My hearing is just fine , thank you. And I’m understanding you just fine. You’re just not making any sense. The last thing you said bears no connection to your rant about the liberal PC thought police.”

Alex : “The part about the ear wax?”

Megan : “No. What you said about the CIA turning the two Obama’s into a Chalupa whatsit and a Yeti.”

Alex : “Of course it does. You see , because Barack Obama is a both Chalupacabrabama and the Obamanable Snow Man , thanks to his buddies in the CIA , it won’t be long until he locks up every gun loving American patriot in Fema camps all across America , lops off their heads with the millions of guillotines they’ve got stored on trains and in warehouses , and then his army of Chalupacabrabama’s  – when they’re not munching on chalupas – will feast on their brains and corpses.  And it’s all because of Barack The Obamanable Snow Man.”

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Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 1


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John Hawkins , Ringwing News

There are many reasons not to trust a liberal. They’re stupid , they’re ugly , they stink … I could go on and on. In short , liberals are a joke , a living caricature of a cartoon character. Like Wile E. Coyote forever attempting to capture the road runner , or the Three Stooges bumbling their way through life , liberals can do nothing right. They are the embodiment of everything wrong with society.

 Liberals foolishly believe that being a progressive is a noble cause , not realizing that progressivism is a destructive , evil force that is ruining America.

The very world “liberal” is an aberration in and of itself. It is literally a mental disorder. It’s a fact. Studies have proved it. And with this list , I intend to prove my case.

1.) Liberals drive on the wrong side of the road. Studies have proven that liberals cause more accidents than Conservative drivers , because they get confused about which direction they’re driving in , and will often turn off on the wrong side of the road , because they suck at driving , because they’re liberals , and because they’re basically brain-dead for voting for Obama. So , if you see a liberal on the road , pray to God they don’t run you over.

2.) Liberals will eat your kids. According to statistics and studies , liberals would rather eat their own kids than turkey at Thanksgiving. And they won’t even say grace before they do , proving that they lack any morals.

3.) Liberals believe in global warming , as if it’s a fact. If global warming is real , why does it snow?

4.) Liberals believe the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Conservative studies have proven this to be a myth. The earth is actually no more than six thousand years old. It says so in the Bible. The Bible is the word of God , and God doesn’t lie.

5.) Liberals are crooks. Liberals are criminals by birth. It’s in their genes. Because they are so mean-spirited , unhappy , and Godless , they have no concept of morality , and hence , they commit the most crimes. It’s a fact. It’s in their nature.

6.) Liberals would gladly sacrifice your kids and their own to Obama. They are fiercely loyal to their master. They would happily do anything he asked of them , even if it were to eat every single kid , dog , cat , horse , parakeet … and all the sushi in America.

7.) They would happily sniff Obama’s rear end if he passed wind. It’s no secret that liberals are disgusting and believe flatulence is hilarious. If your wise , you would do well to avoid being around a liberal when they pass gas , as the stink will surely kill you.

8.) They lie. Republicans are perfect , therefore they don’t lie.

9.) They eat sushi. Only liberals are stupid enough to eat raw fish.

10.) Liberals are sex obsessed. Because they are obsessed with pornography , they tend to be pedophiles , rapists , misogynists , and engage in excessive orgies with each other , animals , sex dolls , and microwave ovens.

And there you have it. The first ten reasons never to trust a liberal.

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The Truth About Barack Obama , And All Kinds Of Other Stuff


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Ann-Marie Murrell

If you’re a Republican Tea Party gun loving American patriot like I am , then you know how evil and dangerous Barack Obama is , and that he’s destroying America. It’s not just that he’s a Marxist-socialist-fascist-Muslim-terrorist-enabler-sympathizer – we all know he is – that makes him evil and dangerous , although those reasons are bad enough.

It’s much more than that. The truth is much more disturbing , and much more bizarre than anyone could ever imagine. Consider these facts :

 In her book , The Mole That Is Not Really A Mole In The White House : Obama’s Mole Not Really A Mole , But His Evil Con-Joined Twin , Victoria Jackson claims the mole beside Obama’s nose is none other than the Anti-Christ , who is really his evil twin , Julio , and is influencing him to undermine the constitution with same-sex marriage , excessive executive orders , his immigration policy , persecution of Christians , and all kinds of other stuff.

In How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , The Homeless , Illegal Immigrants  , And The Walking Dead – not the TV show – Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House , she claims two of Disney’s most loved characters helped Acorn – the radical communist community organization inspired by communist Saul Alinsky – homeless people , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead – yes , actual dead people Obama raised from  cemeteries all over America because he’s the Ant-Christ – to steal the 2008 and 2012 elections.

In her book , To Serve Obama , she claims that Michelle Obama deliberately attempted to fatten Americas kids so Obama could eat them. Thank God he didn’t get away with it.

In Barack’s Magic Pen , she let us know that Obama has signed more executive orders than every president combined , which makes him Americas first dictator.

In her book , Obama Is A Psychopath Because He Takes Vacations And Plays Golf , Dr. Gina diagnoses the president as a psychopath because of his mindless obsession with vacations and golf , both of which he seems to be conveniently doing whenever terror strikes.

In Julio Made Him Do It Again : I Was Attacked By Obama Zombies That Tried To Eat My Brain , Victoria , Morgan Brittany , and I had a close encounter with mindless Obama supporters.

In I Was A Chalupacabrabama For The CIA , Alex Jones told a disturbing tale of the CIA merging the DNA of Barack Obama Sr. with that of a chupacabra , and that they were creating an army of monsters with  appetites for chalupas.

In her book , Hands Off My Guns Jan Morgan proves that liberals and Obama are fascists who are destroying the second amendment , and are desperately trying to take our guns away through gun control.

In my own book , Evil Eyes , I informed my readers that Obama is destroying this country and turning it into a communist paradise , because that’s what he was taught to do by his close friends and mentors , Bill Ayers , Saul Alinsky , and Frank Marshall Davis. He has also appointed a disturbing amount of Czars to the White House staff , which proves that he is a communist.

We heard again recently from Alex Jones that King Obama has been building an army of infant soldiers with martial arts abilities that may soon be used  to take over America.
It makes sense. But what I want to know is : will they be working hand in hand with the army of chalupacabrabamas? And if so , will the chalupacabrabamas be able to do so without eating them? Because it’s a known fact that communists eat babies , and the chalupacabrabamas are definitely communists.

The previous facts may seem far-fetched to the average American. But those who know the real Barack Obama , see a disturbing pattern. A pattern leading to a disturbing , startling , and ominous conclusion. What that conclusion will be , only time will tell. God help us all.