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Eight Reasons To Believe Conservatives Don’t Love America

Aviary Photo_131010793611612376 Today’s Conservatives claim to love America and respect the constitution , but oppose many of the principles for which it represents. Not all Conservatives hate their country , but a great majority of them behave in a way that is contrary to their morals and values. They believe they are more intelligent , morally and mentally superior ,  more accepting of change , and more tolerant. But nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s Conservatives are a dying breed. They are going the way of the dinosaurs , and they have no one to blame but themselves for their demise.

The following list is a number of examples that prove most Conservatives don’t love America.

  1.  Today’s Conservatives hate liberals. They don’t just hate them , but they often accuse them of being un-American , traitors , of behaving like Nazi’s simply for having an opposing point of view on a number of subjects , such as same-sex marriage , abortion , etc.. Conservative Christians are constantly whining about liberal policies such as same-sex marriage , and abortion , and how they will inevitably lead to the destruction of America by the Almighty , or that the Gay Gestapo will soon begin rounding up all of the persecuted Christians.
  2. Today’s Conservatives hate the current president.
    Aviary Photo_131010792835789839
    Obama hating Conservatives love to accuse liberals of playing the race card , but the truth is Conservatives have been experts at playing it since 2008.

    When Barack Obama was initially elected president of the United States , Conservatives in congress vowed to make him a one term president. They did everything they could to make him look illegitimate. They falsely accused him of being a foreigner , a communist , a Nazi , a traitor , a racist , and a Muslim terrorist enabler. They don’t just hate him , they want to see him fail in everything he does , because their hatred is more important to them than seeing a black man with a foreign name succeed as a president. By their behavior , today’s Conservatives have proven that by wanting to see their president fail , they don’t care if their country fails.

  3. Today’s Conservatives believe America is a Christian nation. Republicans often claim that the founders who framed the constitution , intended America to be a theocracy. But nowhere in the document does it say any such thing. God is never mentioned , nor the words ‘a Christian nation.’ The founding fathers intended state and religion to remain separate : ‘Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion , or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’ However , Conservatives conveniently ignore this part of the first amendment by claiming that the words , ‘separation of church and state’ do not appear anywhere in the constitution. They deny it because it doesn’t fit their narrow view of how America should be. Today’s Christians , a majority of them Conservatives , believe theirs  is the only legitimate religion , and that the bible should be the law of the land , not the constitution.
  4. Today’s Conservatives oppose equal rights for women , gays , illegal immigrants. Conservatives claim they are big proponents of civil rights , but when it comes to anything they don’t like , they have proven to be  for the exact opposite. Conservatives have been opposed to equal pay for women , raising the minimum wage , claiming it will lead to job loss , and ultimately ruining the economy. They also claim to be opposed to big government , except when it comes to controlling the private lives of others , such as a woman’s right to choose to have birth control , or an abortion. Or the rights of same-sex couples to be treated fairly under the law , because a book that was written thousands of years ago , says it’s a sin.
  5. Today’s conservatives claim they are patriots.
    Aviary Photo_131010792987756920
    Today’s Conservatives admire this guy as a true patriot ,  who soiled himself to avoid the draft.

    The truth is , most conservatives have no idea what a true patriot is. They believe hating liberals , Democrats , the current president , gays , feminists , minorities , and anyone who isn’t a rabid supporter of the second amendment , makes them a patriot. These fake patriots are represented by the likes of Ted Nugent , who deliberately soiled himself to avoid the draft. They believe the second amendment gives them the right to overthrow the United States government , and anyone who disagrees with them is a traitor.

  6. Today’s Conservatives are more for the wealthy than the working poor. Conservatives often claim they support the poor , but when it comes to actually doing something to help them , it’s usually the opposite. Republicans in congress voted to cut 39 billion from the food stamp program how house gop would cut food stamps by 39 billion , benefits that millions need just to survive. They often portray welfare and food stamp recipients as lazy moochers , drunks or drug addicts , of getting rich off their benefits , buying expensive things that most of us can’t afford , like brand new cars , while conveniently turning a blind eye to the real welfare queens , multi-billion dollar corporations that receive billions in subsidies each year. They also claim to support the troops , but again , when it comes to actually helping them , that’s not always the case. Republicans in congress have been on record as opposing more than a few bills that would benefit our veterans. Do house Republicans really support the troops? It would seem they are really nothing more than hypocrites.
  7. Today’s Conservatives are anti-Muslim. Since the first election of Barack Obama , there has been a sharp rise in anti-Muslim sentiment , giving way to outright hatred. Conservatives have taken their hatred for the president , and expanded it toward Muslim Americans. After all , many of them still believe Obama is a Muslim who supports Muslim terrorists , so they have no problem believing all Muslims are terrorists.
  8. Today’s Conservatives are anti-education.  For decades , Conservatives have claimed that public schools , and especially colleges , are indoctrination centers for radical communist liberals who are actively brainwashing children into communism , anti-Christianity , evolution , feminism , and same-sex marriage. Conservatives fear educated America. They’re angry that they can no longer enforce their indoctrination of Christianity on Americas youth , so they have launched an all out assault on public education.


If Conservatives really love America , then why do they oppose nearly everything it stands for?

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God Told Me Julio Made Him Do It Again : I Was Attacked By Obama Zombies That Tried To Eat My Brain

Aviary Photo_130992853019148872
Victoria Jackson and her Politichicks co-hosts , smart , intelligent conservative women.

Conservatives believe some of the most ridiculous nonsense about Barack Obama. He’s a Marxist/socialist who was taught to hate the wonders of capitalism by the likes of Bill Ayers , Frank Marshall Davis , and Saul Alinsky ;  a Nazi fascist who rules with an iron fist because of Obama Care ,  executive order/action , gun control and his endorsement of same-sex marriage ;  a Manchurian candidate who arms ISSIS , and is working for the Muslim Brotherhood , whom he has invited into the White House with open arms.

These are just a few of the more common wing nut beliefs that some conservatives have about the president. Others are so bizarre they can only be found at conspiracy sites like Before It’s News ,  World Nut Daily , Town Hall , Patriot Update , and espoused by the likes of crazy lunatic Victoria Jackson and her equally crazy lunatic co-hosts at Politichicks , who believe all of the above to be true.

Many conservatives live in their own fantasy world where they believe everything they hear or read about the president , no matter how bizarre , or twisted it is. No amount of evidence to the contrary can convince them otherwise. Victoria Jackson and her co-hosts at Politichicks  are convinced that the president is a freedom hating Islamic terrorist who is intent on transforming America into a Muslim paradise ruled by sharia law , and they have convinced their readers and viewers that it is actually being implemented into the court system in certain states.

Victoria has written several idiotic , insane books about the president , including To Serve Obama , and The Mole That Is Not Really A Mole In The White House : Obama’s Mole Not Really A Mole But His Evil Conjoined Twin. Her last book , How Barack Obama Really Stole The Elections : God Told Me Julio Made Him Do It , was such a phenomenal best seller among Fox News viewers , who apparently , will never get enough of Victoria’s particular brand of insanity , that she decided to do a follow-up.

The new book , co-written with Ann-Marie Murrell , and Morgan Brittany , Julio Made Him Do It Again : I Was Attacked By Obama Zombies That Tried To Eat My Brain , will be released in early Spring , again from Obama Haters Tea Party Patriot Survival Club.

Brittany , and Murrell , co-authors of the book , What Women Really Want , are regular columnists for Town Hall , Patriot Update , and World Nut Daily , and have both  appeared on Fox many times over the years. Both women , in their columns , have accused the president of being a tyrannical dictator , and of supporting Islamic terrorists. In 2014 , Brittany – and the rest of the conservative media , which eagerly jumped on the band wagon – accused the president of manufacturing the so-called Ebola crisis , which wasn’t much of a crisis , to justify taking away everyone’s guns , and imposing martial law , both of which never happened.

Now she’s come up with a new conspiracy theory – which is included in the new book – that will be sure to have their devout fans on the edge of their seats.

The three of them have also appeared several times on the Kelly File with Megan Kelly.

Megan : “Welcome ladies. Victoria , last time you were here , you swore it would be your last. What changed your mind?”

Victoria : “The realization that time is running out , and we have to get Obama out of the White House.”

Megan : “You’re not still mad at me for being so mean to you?”

Victoria : “It wasn’t really your fault , Megan. You just don’t know any better.”

Megan : “What do you mean?”

Victoria : “Obama’s a gay Muslim communist , and he’s got everyone – well , almost everyone – fooled into believing that he’s saved America , the economy , and … and … what’s the word I’m looking for?”

Ann-Marie : “All kinds of stuff?”

Victoria : “Yeah , that’s it! He’s fooled everyone into believing he’s saved America from all kinds of stuff , and because liberals and progressives – who are really communists – are brainwashed , they believe it.”

Megan : “Are you suggesting that he’s got me fooled? For your information , nobody’s got me fooled. And all kinds of stuff is four words. But , anyway , what  exactly do they believe?”

Victoria : “You know , all kinds of stuff.”

Megan : “Such as?”

Victoria : “Well , that he’s not a gay Muslim communist.”

Megan : “But that’s not an example of how he’s fooled everyone into believing he’s saved America. Ann-Marie , Morgan? Got any ideas?”

Aviary Photo_130992802804319371
Ann-Marie Murrell , and Morgan Brittany trying to come up with an example of how Obama has fooled stupid and brainwashed liberals into believing he has saved America.

Ann-Marie : “Uh … well , uh … “

Megan : “Morgan?”

Morgan : “Uhhhmm … let’s see … uh … “

Megan : “This is not a quiz , guys. It’s a simple question that requires a simple answer.”

Ann-Marie : “Hold on , I’m thinking.”

Morgan : “Me too.”

Victoria : “Oh , I know! I know!” ( she raises her hand ).

Megan : “There’s no need to raise your hand , Victoria. You’re not in class.”

Victoria : “The economy?!”

Megan : “You already said that.”

Victoria : “Then why did you ask , Megan?!”

Megan : “Oh , dear lord. Why don’t we just get to the new book?”

Victoria : “Did you read it this time?”

Megan : Yes , I did.”

Victoria : “And what did you think of it?”

Megan : “You don’t really want to know.”

Victoria : “You didn’t like it?”

Megan : “It doesn’t matter if I like it or not. What matters is that your readers like it , as I’m sure they will once you  tell them what it’s about.”

Victoria : “It’s mostly about an experience the three of us had at a CPAC convention three years ago. We were all guest speakers talking about the importance of getting Obama out of the White House , and ridding America of liberals and progressives – who are really communists , and fascists , and gay Muslim lovers -“

Ann-Marie : “And all kinds of other stuff.”

Aviary Photo_130956533813194449
Victoria Jackson , explaining how Obama is destroying America , and all kinds of other stuff.

Victoria : “Yeah , and all kinds of other stuff , because they want to destroy it , because that’s what they were all taught to do by Bill Ayers , Saul Alynski , and Frank Marshall Davis , who is Obama’s real daddy. We know this for a fact , because the Muslim Brotherhood are hanging out in the White House , and Obama’s making rap videos with them and they’re giving him advise on foreign policy , telling him to support ISSIS , the murder of Christians in the middle east , and to thumb his nose at Israel because he’s a narcissist with a huge ego who can’t wait to call himself king and emperor of the world.”

Megan : “What? And I suppose Julio told you that president Obama is making rap videos with the Muslim Brotherhood?”

Victoria : “No , Megan! God told me! Jeez! You really need to pay attention.”

Megan : “Sorry. So , God told you that president Obama is rapping with the Muslim Brotherhood , and – “

Victoria : ( anger in her voice ) “And Julio made him do it!”

Megan : ( laughing ) “Julio made him do it! Oh God , here I go again! I can’t stop it!”

Victoria : “Stop laughing , Megan! It’s not funny!”

Aviary Photo_130956680939603618
Megan Kelly can’t stop laughing at Victoria Jackson.

Megan : ( still laughing ) “Yes it is! It’s still the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! Obama’s mole is the Anti-Christ , and its name is Julio! Oh Jesus Christ , God almighty , Jesus , Mary , Joseph , and the apostles , and the donkey He rode into Jerusalem on! ( laughing so hard , she slapped the table top a few times , startling Anne-Marie , and Morgan , both of whom had been staring at her with a half puzzled , half shocked expression.

Victoria : “I warned you , Megan! You better stop laughing or else -“

Megan : “Alright , alright , OK , no more laughing. Now what happened at the CPAC convention?”

Victoria : “What do you think happened , Megan? We were attacked by Obama zombies that tried to eat our brains! That’s what happened. Ann-Marie and Morgan were sitting behind me , waiting to speak , when mindless , drooling zombies rushed the stage , apparently angry that I was criticizing their zombie boss. There were dozens of them , just like in that TV show , the Walking Dead. Their eyes were lifeless , and they were chanting  Obama , and must have brains , over and over again. The crowd scattered out of their way , screaming and begging not to be eaten , but some of them were caught anyway , and their brains were instantly devoured. We knew we had to get out of there , or we would be next , so we ran for our lives , and managed to escape just in time.”

Megan : “You’re just making this up , aren’t you? Come on , admit it.”

Victoria : “I’m not making anything up. It really happened. Didn’t it , Morgan , Ann?”

Morgan : “It really happened.”

Anne-Marie : “Yep , and all kinds of other stuff.”

Victoria : “And it will happen again. Obama will suspend the elections , and announce himself king and emperor , and then he will unleash his hordes of zombies ,  the Fema Corp Youth Brigade – who are communists and Nazis – and the infant ninja warrior army that Alex Jones warned us about , on everyone but his followers , and they will round-up all of us patriots  and throw us in Fema camps , and then eat our brains , and then bury us all in millions of coffins. Ask Morgan. She predicted it will happen. She’s never wrong.”

Megan : “And I suppose Julio will make him do that , too?”

Victoria : “Yes , Megan! Julio makes him do everything , Megan! Everything is Julio’s fault! He is the Anti-Christ , after all!”

Megan : “Julio made him do it again!” ( she bursts out laughing ).

Victoria : “I told you Megan , if you don’t stop laughing , this really will be my last appearance on your show.”

Megan : “Like I said last time , Victoria , I seriously doubt it.”

Victoria : “Oh yeah? Watch me again! And this time I mean it!”

Anne-Marie : “And all kinds of other stuff!”