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How Obama The Grinch Stole Christmas … Again : The Secular Communist Liberal Medias War On Christmas

Aviary Photo_130924561304432364For more than a decade , the conservative media has portrayed Christians in America under attack from the  secular liberal progressive media ,  and atheists , with their fictitious war on Christmas. It’s become more prominent since Obama took office. It’s become an annual tradition , usually with Fox News and Bill O’Reilly leading the way. It’s obviously a ratings ploy , but many of them  do believe there is an actual war on Christmas.

The evidence is obvious – at least to anyone who lives in a Fantasy Land , which is where many conservatives choose to live. To them , anyone who dares to say Happy Holidays , instead of Merry Christmas , must be part of a communist liberal plot to destroy Christmas. It’s ridiculous , as anyone  who lives in the actual world knows , but to those who watch Fox News , Glen Beck , and listen to Rush Limbaugh , it’s a matter of fact. The roots of this  nonsense goes back to 1959 , when Americas greatest self-proclaimed watchmen of freedom and liberty , the John Birch Society ,  published a pamphlet called There Goes Christmas. Since then , Christmas has been under attack from the evil forces of liberal communism.

The cast of Scrooges in the liberal war on Christmas include not only communists , but these evil Grinches :

  • WalMart. In 2005 , conservative groups went bonkers when the worlds largest retailer failed to use the term Merry Christmas in their advertising. Apparently saying Happy Holidays is a national disgrace to groups like the American Family Association , which prides itself on espousing family values , while having no clue as to what real family values are. These conservative religious groups use black mail and intimidation tactics to get what they want. Everyone must say Merry Christmas to please them , or they’re not true red-blooded Americans. This is the behavior of an authoritarian , a word they frequently love to throw at liberals and progressives. Most conservatives have no grasp of irony – at least those who suffer from ODS and LDS , Obama , and Liberal Derangement Syndromes. In 2006 , Wal-Mart gave in to their intimidation , announcing they would be using Merry Christmas , and the AFA , other groups , and their supporters jumped for joy. They literally turned cartwheels , danced in the streets , and thanked the Lord Almighty that Wal-Mart had seen the light. They had succeeded in saving Christmas – at least as far as Wal-Mart was concerned.
  • Target was another retailer that was black mailed by the fine , upstanding citizens at American Family Association , in 2005. This time they managed to get approximately 700 , 000 signatures for their boycott. Almost immediately , Target also gave into the intimidation , announcing that they too would include Merry Christmas in all of their holiday endeavors , thus making American Family Association giddy with the spirit of a true Christmas that still has the word Christ in it. They had succeeded in saving Christmas again. Twice in one year!
  • Best Buy. One of Americas biggest electronics retailers did not escape the holier than thou wrath of the AFA. Apparently the folks at BB decided that other religious holidays were just as important. This was an unforgivable sin to the AFA , who effectively threw a temper tantrum , and along with the Catholic League , and other conservative religious groups , placed BB and other retailers on their naughty or nice lists.
  • The Gap. November , 2009 , the AFA launched and attack on the clothing chain for what they perceived as the censorship of the word Christmas by the company. What the AFA had apparently failed to notice , was that Christmas was mentioned several times on their website. November 24 , the Gap announced a Thanksgiving ad that would have a very Christmasy theme. Subsequently , the AFA dropped their boycott.
  • Starbucks. Earlier this month  , Starbucks became the latest Scrooges in the so-called war on Christmas when they apparently decided to stick with a plain red cup with no religious or holiday symbols. When Joshua Feurestein , a conservative Christian , bigot , and self-proclaimed internet sensation , found out about it , he blew his top. He then proceeded to post a video of his displeasure of Starbuck on his Facebook page , falsely accusing them of removing religious imagery from their cups , and calling for a boycott. When his fans and followers saw the video , they too blew their tops.
  • Liberals in general. Conservatives who suffer from the dreaded ODS , and LDS , know that all liberals are evil , racist ,  America hating  , Christmas hating Scrooges  at heart. It’s a known fact , since they’re all communists. It’s in their nature , just as cravings are to an alcoholic or a junkie.
  • Anyone who says Happy Holidays. See Liberals in general , Wal-Mart , Target , Gap , Starbucks , and Best Buy employees. See also the Obama’s.
  • The Obama’s. To conservatives , the president is the Scrooge/Grinch-in-chief in the White House , and Michelle is Mother Scrooge/Grinch. They’ve been involved in a number of so-called scandals or controversies surrounding Christmas over the years. Every year around the holidays , the conservative media creates a fake controversy out of nothing to make it look like they hate Christmas. From the Christmas tree , and card controversies , to the Christmas tree tax of 2011 – which had nothing to do with Obama – to the ridiculous brouhaha from Breitfart over the so-called Mao Tse Tung ornament on the White House Christmas tree in 2009 – which turned out to be nothing more than a reproduction from an Andy Warhol painting. Obvious proof that the Obama’s are communists.  More recently , Fox News reported another fake controversy , this one initiated by either the Obama’s themselves , or someone else , involving a plot to steal Christmas , assassinate Kris Kringle , and blow up the North Pole. In predictable fashion , Fox News fell for it , and are still unaware that it was a hoax , or are in complete denial. ( See , How Obama The Grinch Stole Christmas ).

    Aviary Photo_130926485137011947
    “Unhappy Holidays to all , and to all a bad night!” from Obama The Grinch , and all of his liberal Grinch-elves.

In 2013 , Sarah Palin released her ridiculous book , Good Tidings And Great Joy , Protecting The Heart Of Christmas , in which she whines about atheists and liberals ruthlessly attacking the Christmas spirit , don’t chya know , because they’re communists.  She’s written several other books , including , America By Heart , and Sarah Palin Uncut. There was even a book written about her timeless wisdom , The Witless Wisdom Of Sarah Palin. Her most recent book , How Obama The Grinch Stole ChristmasAgain : The Secular Communist Liberal Medias War On Christmas , has just been released by the Disinformation Company.

She’s been featured numerous times on Fox News , and practically all over the communist liberal media. This year , just in time for the holiday Thanksgiving/Christmas season , Rachel Maddow invited Sarah to her show to talk about the new book.

Rachel : “Welcome to the Rachel Maddow Show , Sarah.”

Sarah : “Thank you , Rachel. It’s great to be here.”

Rachel : “I read the book , Sarah , and I have to say it’s … wow … I can’t adequately describe just exactly what I think of it. Do you really believe the liberal media , and liberals in general have been waging a war against Christmas?”

Rachel’s reaction to Sarah explaining how The Obama’s hate Christmas , and how Obama the Grinch stole Christmas … again , on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Sarah : “Well , sure I do. Isn’t it obvious? All you have to do is look around. The evidence is everywhere. People are saying Happy Holidays – well , liberals are anyway – instead of Merry Christmas , every year. It’s really annoying to have to hear people say Happy Holidays all the time. It really knicks my knickers when I say Merry Christmas to somebody , and they say Happy Holidays back to me. It really steams my buns , creams my corn.

“Every year during the holiday – oops! – Christmas season , when I go into a retail store with my family , or by myself , I see all kinds of signs and Christmas displays with the words Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. If I’ve got Trig , or any of my grand kids with me , I have to cover their eyes so they won’t see those disrespectful words , and cover their ears when someone says Happy Holidays. God forbid they should hear those words too often. It very well might damage their precious souls for life , heaven forbid.

“Once , when Trig was five , we went to a Target , and they had this display of Santa and his reindeer flying over … wherever … and Trig he says to me , mom , does baby Jesus cry when people say Happy Holidays , and not Merry Christmas? And I said to him , yes , it makes him very sad. And he said , then why do they say Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas , and I said , because the owners of this fine establishment are obviously communists , and they’re part of a plot to take Christ out of Christmas , and they don’t care if they make baby Jesus cry , that’s why , but they’ll never get away with it. That’s when I knew … when it suddenly hit me like a brick in the face , that the war on Christmas is no joke , like the liberals believe it is , but very real , and we Christians have to stay vigilant , and do everything we can to defend the sanctity of this holiest of holidays – oops! there’s that pesky word again! We have to make sure everyone says Merry Christmas , instead of Happy Holidays , because when someone says Happy Holidays ,  they’re being manipulated by the communists , they just don’t realize it  , and they  – the communists , and their cohorts , the liberals – will do everything they can to take  Christ out of Christmas , and saying Happy Holidays is just a start.”

Rachel : “Interesting. Now , about the main title of the book. How is President Obama a Grinch , and how exactly did he steal Christmas?”

Sarah : “Isn’t that also obvious?”

Rachel : “No , it’s not. Please enlighten me.”

Sarah : “Well , for one thing , he hates Christians , and favors his Muslim brothers. You have to be willfully blind not to see it. He claims to be a Christian , but rarely goes to church. What does that tell you? It tells me that he pretends to be a Christian , but is really a Muslim at heart , who sides with Muslims who hate America , which is indicative of his hatred of America.”

Rachel : “Is that it?”

Sarah : “He not only hates America , but hates Christmas as well. He doesn’t celebrate Christmas like real Americans do. None of the Obama’s do. They don’t refer to their Christmas trees as Christmas trees , but Holiday trees , and they don’t have Christmas scenes on their cards , but pictures of their dogs , for God sake! What does that have to do with Christmas? What will they put on their cards this year , or next year , a picture of Sunny and Bo pooping under the White House Christmas tree to prove how much they hate it?”

Rachel : “I’ll ignore that. You just said they don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Sarah : “They don’t.”

Rachel : “But they have Christmas trees and Christmas cards. How is that not celebrating Christmas?”

Sarah : “Because they don’t call them Christmas trees and Christmas cards , but holiday trees and holiday cards.”

Rachel : “What difference does it make? They’re still celebrating Christmas.”

Sarah : “Not in my book they’re not.”

Rachel : “How would you know they don’t celebrate it? Do you live in the White House?”

Sarah : “No , but they hate Christmas , and that’s a fact.”

Rachel : “That’s just nonsense. But none of this explains how he stole Christmas.”

Sarah : “That’s even more obvious than anything else he’s done.”

Rachel : “Not to me it isn’t. Enlighten me some more.”

Sarah : “Well , Rachel , if this doesn’t convince you that he hates Christmas , nothing will. Last year there was a plot to assassinate Kris Kringle and blow up Santa’s Village , for God sake , and we know it came from the White House.  That’s a fact.”

Rachel : “Yes , it did come from the White House , but it was a hoax. President Obama even admitted it was a hoax. Apparently , someone created – it’s not clear who was responsible – an elaborate hoax , and sent it by email to different conservative sources , and in typical fashion they fell for it and spread it all over the media and the internet.”

Sarah : “Wow , Rachel , no disrespect to you. But you obviously have your head up Barack Obama’s you-know-what. Which is where all his supporters have their heads. It was a very real plot. But they obviously got spooked and called it off , because Fox News discovered what they were up to.”

Rachel : “No , it was a hoax , and I don’t have my head up anyone’s you-know-what. But yours obviously is. The question is , who’s you-know-what? Your own , perhaps? No disrespect to you , too , Sarah.”

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The Financial Collapse , Acorn , Bill Ayers , And Everything Real And Imagined That Is Obama’s Fault

Long before Obama was elected president in November 2008 , the economy had already began its spiral into the toilet. The stock market had crashed , and Wall Street was essentially bankrupt.

On October 3 , George Bush signed into law The Troubled Assets Relief Program that would bail out financial institutions , such as Bank Of America , and Goldman Sachs. Years after the fact , the  conservative media ,  including conservative websites and AM radio  , are still placing  the blame for the crises at the feet of Barack Obama for his connection to Fannie Mae , which supposedly had given him thousands of dollars in campaign contributions ( he actually received donations from employees ). After all , who else’s fault could it have been? The banks? The lending institutions? The Bush administration? Certainly not. It was all Obama’s fault , even though he had nothing to do with it , and had not yet taken office until January 20 , 2009. But because  he was a democrat , he was somehow responsible for the whole mess.

Obama haters are always complaining that he is the worst president in American history , while completely and conveniently ignoring 9/11 , the economic recession of 2008 , the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – that took  the lives of thousands ( and with an estimated cost of four to six trillion ) – the numerous military barracks that were attacked by terrorists , Abu Graib , the Hurricane Katrina scandal  – which also took the lives of thousands ( which some conservatives have blamed on Obama ) – all which occurred during the Bush presidency.

To Obama hating conservatives – and even some liberals – who have a problem with connecting to reality , thousands of deaths pale in comparison to Benghazi – four deaths – and the Affordable Care Act – aka Obama Care – 0 deaths. Obviously , cognitive dissonance has no meaning to these people. To them , Benghazi , and Obama Care are the worst  scandals in American history. Worse than Watergate , worse than 9/11 , and worse than the subsequent wars that followed.  George Bush was a much better president because he kept Americans safe , despite the fact that he ignored the warnings that preceded the 9/11 attack , and did nothing. He was the cowboy president , who stood in the rubble at ground zero ,  shouting into a bullhorn that the terrorists would be hunted with a vengeance. Conservative hearts swelled with pride , and eyes misted with tears. He was John Wayne riding to the rescue. He could do no wrong , not even after he had invaded the wrong country , and needlessly sent thousands of Americans to their deaths.

When it comes to the economy , conservatives – at least those who have a deep hatred of Obama – completely ignore reality. They refuse to acknowledge that the economy is continuing to recover after the financial crisis of 2008. Obama haters often claim that the U.S. economy is worse off now than the last two years of the Bush presidency. To hear them tell it , Obama has completely trashed the economy with the help of his mysterious and sinister communist liberal progressive connections , because he was obviously mentored to destroy America , just as they believe that he was responsible for the financial collapse of 2008.

September 30 , 2008 , the McCain/Palin campaign released an ad attacking the democratic party of failing to pass the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act that would regulate lenders like Fannie Mae , and Freddie Mac , while accusing Obama of being silent. In other words , the ad was implying that the financial mess was the direct fault of the democrats , Obama , the poor , Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Obviously , Greedy Wall Street businessmen shared no responsibility.

There is  a complete lack of critical thinking when it comes to conservatives , and especially among those who hate the current president. They live in their own universe where facts have little meaning , and their fantasies are reality. Their hatred for Obama is so intense that it’s become a habit of making up the most ridiculous nonsense , and blaming him for everything bad that happens in the world.

Here are a few examples of cognitive dissonance , and irony impairment among those who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome :

  • He is solely responsible for the rise of ISIS. His failed policies are the  only reason ISIS exists. Because he pulled the troops out of Iraq , it’s his fault that ISIS is beheading people in the middle east. Never mind that George Bush with his invasion of Iraq , might have played a major role in destabilizing the region. It’s all Obama’s fault. Thanks , Obama!
  • The Affordable Care Act. Otherwise known as Obama Care. Since the moment it was signed into law , the GOP and the conservative media were hyping this as the worst failure of his presidency , with its made up death panels , and other nonsense , promoted by self-proclaimed experts such as Sarah Palin , Rush Limbaugh , and Glen Beck. To this day , the republicans in the GOP are still attempting to repeal it.
  • Acorn , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , and other communist progressives helped him steal the elections. During the elections of 2008 and 2012 , Obama haters in the GOP and the conservative media were so convinced that he was involved in some massive  conspiracy to rig the results in his favor. All they were able to prove was that Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , and the walking dead helped him steal the elections. See Victoria Jackson’s book , How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , Illegal Immigrants , And The Walking Dead Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House.
  • He’s worse than Hitler. If you ask a typical Obama hater to name an example of how he is worse than Hitler , they will predictably mention Obama Care ( see Ben Carson’s statement for further details ). Other examples they will invariably cite are , Obama’s Youth Brigade – or Fema Corp – which obviously is a front for a communist youth army which he plans on unleashing , prior to disarming patriotic gun loving Americans of their weapons , prior to tossing them in Fema camps that have been redesigned as Wal – Mart superstores. He also rules like a lawless tyrant with his assault weapon , his magic pen on executive action. And my personal favorite , he has a nasty habit of “shredding” copies of the constitution in the Oval Office with his beloved shredding machine , because we all know he’s a communist , and hates America. See also , Obama Shreds Constitution , Uses Shavings As Salad Topping , and Proof That Obama Is Worse Than Hitler.
  • He’s the worst president ever. Self proclaimed political experts who had a pre conceived hatred of Obama even before he was elected , have been complaining that he has accomplished nothing good during his presidency. They’re either blind , stupid , or both. What they refer to as Obama Care , doesn’t matter to them. Apparently , thousands of Americans who now have health insurance , who did not have it before due to pre-existing conditions , is an unforgivable sin. The Iran anti-nuke deal is also a sin. In their minds , it’s the same as giving them nuclear weapons. Bush presided over the worst terrorist attack on American soil , the Iraq and Afghanistan wars , the embarrassments that were Abu Graib , hurricane Katrina , and the financial crisis of 2008. But Obama is a worse president because of Obama Care , and Benghazi , which they claim are  worse scandals than 9/11. Bush kept us safe. The irony is lost on them.
  • Bill Ayers was his communist mentor. For seven years , everyone from Sarah Palin , to Glen Beck , to the rest of the conservative media , have been screaming about Obama’s so-called connection to the late sixties former Weather Underground radical , who managed to bomb a few buildings without killing anyone. But , other than a few meetings in the past and a couple of projects they apparently worked on at the same time , nothing damaging has been discovered other than guilt by association. What are they hoping to find? That between the ages of eight and ten , he helped them bomb the capital and other buildings?
  • The liberal war on Christmas. Every year at this time the conservative media trots out their annual fictitious war on Christmas. Among the average liberal and Obama hating conservative who gets all their news from the likes of Fox News , The Blaze , and Rush Limbaugh , Obama and liberals are notorious for hating Christians and anything to do with Christmas. Last year Fox News aired a segment on how Obama had planned to steal Christmas from all the boys and girls of America , and then nuke Santa’s Village to cover it up. But it turned out to be a hoax ( see How Obama The Grinch Stole Christmas ). There was also some brouhaha over the inappropriateness of businesses saying Happy Holidays as opposed to Merry Christmas. This year , conservatives are predictably going bonkers over a red Starbucks cup.
  • Fema Corps is really Obama’s Communist Youth Brigade. Anyone who remembers the absurdity of this past summers Jade Helm hysteria  , find  this just as absurd , or even more so. But nothing can compare to the latest lunacy coming from Infowars. According to Alex Jones , Fema Corps is really an army of genetically engineered infant warriors trained in the martial arts ( see Mutant Ninja Babies , Barack Obama’s Secret Army Of Infant Warriors ).  Patriotic gun loving Americans – at least those who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome – are convinced that Obama is still intent on taking everyone’s guns away , and it will undoubtedly happen soon ( see Proof Obama Is Worse Than Hitler , and He’s worse than Hitler ).
  • He’s a chupacabrabama. He’s part chupacabra , and part Obama , with an unusual appetite for chalupas. At least his father was , according to Alex Jones ( see I Was A Chalupacabrabama For The CIA ).
  • He’s a white culture hating racist. According to Glen Beck. Anyone with a moderate amount of common sense , who saw Beck’s Anatomy Of A Racist some years back on his Blaze network , knows he doesn’t have a clue as to what a real racist is. He continuously over looks the fact that he himself is a racist, as are most of his viewing audience. To them , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , and Barack Obama are the true racists for having the audacity to even mention the murders of  “known thugs” like Trayvon Martin , Mike Brown , and any unarmed black youth who has the fortune of getting shot by white law enforcement officers. Again , to Beck and his followers who accuse prominent black leaders of being racists ,  while ignoring their own racism , the irony of this completely eludes them.

 Glen Beck , Rush Limbaugh ,  Fox News , and their viewers , have been culpable in dividing America. The Trayvon Martin case , the Michael Brown case , and the riots in Ferguson , Missouri , are perfect examples of this division , and how the conservative media played a role in that division , and will continue to play a role in that division , until Americas first black president is no longer in the White House.

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How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , The Homeless , Illegal Immigrants , And The Walking Dead Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House

Aviary Photo_130911641360998692Since Barack Obama was elected into the White House  , conservatives have been baffled as to how a black man could have become president without rigging the election. After all , as any respectable , well-informed conservative knows , he was a fraud to begin with , a communist , mentored by the likes of Saul Alinsky ,  Bill Ayers , and Frank Marshal Davis –  all notorious , radical communists themselves –  all of whom obviously taught him to be a radical communist with a lust to destroy America. There was  no way he could have done it without cheating.

 Even before the 2008 election , and soon after the 2012 election , there were allegations from republicans of voter fraud , which were quickly repeated by the conservative media. The Palin /McCain campaign produced a video falsely accusing Acorn – Association Of Community Organizations for reform Now – of massive voter fraud , thereby rigging the 2008 election in favor of Obama.

September 7 , 2012 , a female representative of conservative activist James O’Keefe  of the Veritas Project ,  filmed an undercover video at the headquarters of Obama’s  Organizing For America campaign in Houston , Texas. The video shows regional field director Stephanie Caballero allegedly saying that she intends to vote in both Texas and Florida.. At one point she laughs , and says , ‘Oh my God! It’s cool though ,’ and then tells the woman what to do in case she is caught doing the same thing.

October 8 , 2012 , James O’Keefe , well-known for producing highly edited , fraudulent videos of alleged criminal behavior of evil liberal progressive organizations –  filmed Patrick Moran , son of senator Jim Moran , allegedly discussing how to commit voter fraud , at the Cosi restaurant in Arlington , Texas. It is unclear if Moran knew he was being filmed ,  but he later said in an Associated Press interview that he suspected that O’Keefe was unstable and humored him only as a joke.

Is it inconceivable that a black man could become president based exclusively on the content of his character , rather than the color of his skin , or his name , without resorting to cheating? Apparently not. As the previous examples have indicated , after six years  conservatives  have been unable to get over the fact that a black man won a presidential election fairly and overwhelmingly. Twice.

Many conservatives are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama , with the help of  communist  liberal progressive organizations , the liberal media , or the democrats – take your pick –  rigged the elections in his favor. However , when pressed with evidence to support their claims , many of them will most likely allude to the above videos as examples of proof , or repeat the same nonsense they’ve heard in the conservative media. And with the 2016 elections just around the corner , they’re still repeating the same nonsense , that Obama will steal the election for the democrats.

Victoria Jackson  is convinced that Obama , like all liberals and democrats , are communists  and crooks , and not to be trusted. Like all Obama and liberal hating conservatives , she is convinced that he not only stole the elections , but is terrified that he will suspend the 2016 elections and declare himself King and Emperor of the United States.  So terrified in fact that she wrote a book warning all of her fans and readers of the impending doom that is the end of America as we all know it.

She’s appeared all over America , from Fox News to the Glen Beck Show , promoting her ridiculous books and videos. She’s written several nonsensical books about Obama , among them Bye Bye America Died , That Was The Day That I Cried And I Cried , which turned out to be a best seller with the conservative media , and especially with  Fox News viewers. Her most recent book , How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , The Homeless ,  Illegal Immigrants  , And The Walking Dead Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House , will be published later this Fall.

She’s appeared several times on the Kelly File with Megan Kelly. Megan recently invited her back to talk about her latest book. Apparently her fans couldn’t get enough of her the last time she was on.

Megan : “Welcome back once again , Victoria.”

Victoria : “Thank you. I didn’t expect to be invited back so soon.”

Megan : “Yeah … well , don’t thank me. It wasn’t my decision. Anyway , let’s get right into the book. How in the world did you come up with the title , and what does it even mean?”

Victoria : “Didn’t you read it?”

Megan : “No , I haven’t.”

Victoria : “Why not? You got an advanced copy from my publisher.”

Megan : “I haven’t had time to read it yet. What does it mean?”

Victoria : “Just what it says.”

Megan : “I don’t understand. Could you please elaborate?”

Victoria : “I think the title is self-explanatory.”

Megan : “Well , could you please explain it to me , because I don’t get it. How did Obama weasel his way into the White House? He was elected.”

Aviary Photo_130911669852221369
Uncle Ted doing his Obama the weasel interpretation for Victoria Jackson.

Victoria : “No , he wasn’t Megan. According to great American patriot , Ted Nugent , Obama weaseled his way into the White House , which is where I came up with the title of the book. And he did it with the help of the homeless , the illegal immigrants , and the walking dead.”

Megan : “What?”

Victoria : “That’s just what I said when I heard him say it. So I asked him what he meant , and he said to do some research , and I did , and sure enough , it was just like he said it was. Obama weaseled his way into the White House because he’s a communist and a crook.”

Megan : “I’m still confused. But please continue.”

Victoria : “The 2008 elections were rigged with help of Acorn. That’s a fact. Both elections  were also rigged by thousands of people voting in several different states. We also know this to be a fact , because studies proved that almost fifty thousand people who lived in North Carolina , and other states , also voted in several other states. Names and dates of birth and social security numbers were compared with the dates of birth and social security numbers of people living in other states , and thousands of them matched. We also know that thousands of homeless people , and illegal immigrants were bused and shipped to different polls all over America by the liberals and progressives , even though none of them were registered to vote. That’s called cheating , Megan. And it’s despicable , something that liberals and progressives have no guilt or shame over. Can you imagine what they would say if conservatives behaved that way? They would be crying from the mountain tops that republicans are trying to destroy democracy and the constitution. They would be all over the liberal media throwing hissy fits , wanting to take our rights away from us. But conservatives don’t behave that way. We actually respect and love democracy and the constitution. Obama and the communist liberals are the only ones who are destroying America and the constitution , and stealing elections , and you don’t hear us conservatives crying and whining and throwing hissy fits about it.”

Megan : “That seems far-fetched , Victoria. You don’t really believe that do you , that liberals and progressives were actually busing and shipping the homeless and illegal immigrants all over America just so that they could vote for Obama?”

Victoria : “And get free goodies in return. Like Obama phones , Obama Care , autographed photos of Obama , and all kinds of other free stuff. Anyway , why not? We know that Obama wants everyone to vote for him , because he has a massive ego – everyone I know is always saying he’s a narcissist – and it’s a fact that communist liberals and progressives oppose voter I.D. laws. And what better way to get people to vote for you , but illegal immigrants and most homeless people , neither of which have I.D.s.?”

Megan : “But didn’t they have better things to do than bus thousands of people all over the place?”

Victoria : “Not if they wanted to get Obama elected. And that’s exactly what they did. It was their number one goal. Nothing was more important to them.”

Megan : “But how exactly did they accomplish it? It would have been impossible.”

Victoria : “Not if you’re highly organized , which is what liberals and progressives are , a lot more so than conservatives.”

Megan : “Alright , if you say so. What about Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , and the walking dead? What the hell does that mean? Do you mean that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck actually voted for Obama?”

Victoria : “Well , they could have for all we know. But if they didn’t , then we know for a fact that Acorn volunteers  must have impersonated them , because dozens of ballots were found with their names on them.”

Megan : “Wow … I honestly don’t know how to respond to that. And I suppose the entire cast of The Walking Dead also voted for him?”

Victoria : “No , not the TV show! Geez , Megan , don’t you read? Haven’t you heard about all the dead people Obama got to vote for him?”

Megan’s Kelly’s reaction to Victoria explaining how Obama got Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , and thousands of zombies to vote for him.

Megan : “What?! You can’t be serious.”

Victoria : “Of course I’m serious. Don’t ask me how he did it , but I heard from someone , I can’t remember who it was … maybe it was Glen Beck , or Michael Savage. They’re both so intelligent , much more intelligent than I am. Anyway , they told me that , apparently , somehow , Obama had hundreds or thousands of graves dug up all over America , brought them back to life somehow and hypnotized them into voting for him. He can do that you know , because he’s the Anti-Christ.  And his brother , Julio probably helped him.”

Megan : “Again … what?! How is that even possible?”

Victoria : “It’s possible.”

Megan : “Yeah , to a crazy person.”

Victoria : “Yeah , yeah , I know it sounds crazy , but you can’t put anything past Obama and the liberal progressives. They will do anything to win , even if it means getting Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , illegal immigrants , the homeless , and the walking dead to vote for him. And that’s how Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck ,  illegal immigrants , the homeless , and the walking dead helped Obama the weasel weasel his way into the White House.”